Make Christmas More Magical with Our New Range of Artificial Christmas Trees!

Artificial Christmas Trees at Christmas Elves

Everyone loves decorating a Christmas tree. It’s the most relaxing and stress-free part of the holidays. In fact, we think you’ll agree that putting up the Christmas tree could be considered ‘holiday self-care’. Each year, families return to a ritual or tradition they treasure. – And it all starts with the perfect tree. For us, that means an artificial tree. 

If you’re reading this, we bet you’re thinking about switching to an artificial tree or looking to buy a new one. Either way, you’re in luck. As it happens, your Christmas Elves recently welcomed an entire shipping container filled with the latest artificial evergreens. All our artificial trees are easy to assemble and disassemble. Plus, they retain their colour and last for years.

Here at Christmas Elves HQ, we pride ourselves on having a wide selection of trees. Forest Elf was heard singing "... from 2 foot to 12 foot, they are so much taller than ourselves." We stock more than 80 different trees of various sizes, shapes, and styles. Looking for a petite tree for a smaller space? What about something tall and slender for an entryway or building foyer? Have you got your sights set on a pre-lit tree? How do you feel about white snow flocking along branches? Do you favour deeper or lighter shades of green? Or maybe you’re dreaming of a pink Christmas this year. –Whatever your taste, you’ll find your perfect Christmas Tree to suit you and your home in our collection.

Let’s wander through the forest and embrace some arboreal holiday inspiration. Afterwards, we’ll also reveal our suggestions for essential accessories and ornaments every tree needs to stand tall and proud. 

The majority of our high-quality trees come from two world-renowned brands: Oncor and Black Box.

Priding themselves on their use of eco-friendly materials, Oncor constructs all its trees from 100% lead-free, recycled PVC plastic and specially coated metal pipes. They even make their packing boxes from reinforced recycled cardboard. Oncor trees last for 30 years or more thanks to quality materials, innovative ‘built to last’ processes, and a streamlined manufacturing system. All high-density plastic tree parts resist breaking and cracking under normal use conditions. Each supportive metal pipe ‘trunk’ benefits from a coat of paint on both sides that prevents rusting. Oncor’s factory employs a ‘pull-production’ method that prevents damage to every part of the tree throughout the manufacturing process. If you’re looking for an affordable, environmentally friendly option that never compromises on quality and look, you can’t do better than an Oncor Tree.

Customers adore Black Box trees for their unique European inspired styles. Of all our trees, the Washington Fir is the standout favourite. (More on that later!) Black Box definitely delivers on great value and excellent quality without breaking your budget.

The average home has 8ft/240cm ceilings, so it’s no surprise that our 6ft/180–7.5ft/230cm trees are the most popular. However, if you’re on the hunt for something smaller or taller, we can help with that, too. Most manufacturers produce artificial Christmas trees with the American market in mind, so they often measure and label their height in imperial feet. Check out our handy size guide below to get an idea of which tree will suit your home.

Green Trees

The ‘blank canvas’ of a green tree is pure perfection that encourages creative expression. Without a doubt, our customers adore them the most. Green trees come in a range of heights, styles, and colours, so you’ll always find the right one for your home. Setting up these trees couldn’t be easier. Because each one utilises either a simple hinge or hook system, you’ll have your ‘tree-rrific’ Tannenbaum standing tall in no time. Our top tip: select a spot for your Christmas tree away from direct sunlight to ensure its colour (and the colour of your decorations) remain vibrant for decades of future Christmases.

Regina Pine 7.5ft / 230cm

Regina Pine

Regina Pines by Black Box draw upon a northern hemisphere holiday aesthetic. Their sturdy, adjustable branches feature two distinct needle textures. The quill-like needles on the prominent superficial branches sport a fine dusting of frost at their tips. You’ll also find pinecones nestling in these branches. Delightful holly berries hang from deeper interior branches which present shorter needles so as not to interfere with ornaments and lights. These trees look positively spectacular in traditional red, white, green, and gold decorating palettes. Regina Pines come in 5ft6ft7.5ft8.5ft heights.

Parana Pine 8ft / 245cmParana Pine Slim Tree 9ft / 275cm

Parana Pine

Mixed needle textures and shades of green distinguish Parana Pines from other green trees. Branches with slim needles exhibit fern-coloured tips leading to deeper forest green hues closer to the trunk. Thicker needles display hunter green fronts and silvery backs. This Oncor tree suits all colour schemes and comes in 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft sizes. The Parana Pine’s slimmer version makes this style one of the most versatile we stock. The various sizes (5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft) suit smaller rooms, such as formal sitting rooms and apartment lounges, and larger spaces like office foyers and shopfronts.

Macular 7.5ft / 230cmPremium Balsam 6ft / 180cmTexas Blue Spruce 7.5ft

Maclura, Premium Balsam & Texas Blue Spruce

Speaking of slimline trees, the Maclura (6ft7.5ft) ‘green pear’ colour subtly brightens any room. Thickly covered with medium-sized needles of a soft bristle brush consistency, this tree closely resembles a pine you might see growing in a local park or garden. Its branches incline slightly and will better support heavier ornaments.

The plentiful needles, generous conical shape, and mossy green colour of the Premium Balsam tree (4.5ft6ft) have earned it many fans. Hinged branches make this one of the simplest trees to assemble. Picture a Balsam wrapped up in the blues and golds of our Starry Night Collection.

The 7.5ft Texas Blue Spruce provides the perfect canvas for 'more is more' and 'less is more' decorators. Its graduated cone shape offers plenty of space to hang your entire collection of lights and ornaments. That very same generous space is also ideal for those who prefer a more restrained, minimal approach.

Smoky Mountain For 8ft / 245cmWashington For 7.5ft. / 230cmShimmering Mountain For 7ft / 215cm

Smoky Mountain Fir

We love the vibrant emerald and forest greens of the Smoky Mountain Fir. Abundant needles run along the length of each branch and provide plenty of support for all the lights and decorations you’ve collected over the years. This stunning style is available in heights of 4ft6ft8ft, and 9ft.

Washington Fir

You’ll recall we declared Black Box’s Washington Fir to be our most popular tree, and now you see why. So many of our customers fall in love with its traditional rich pine colour, shape, and needle arrangement. More than most, this fir evokes the nostalgia of childhood Christmases when counting presents under the tree held so much excitement. Centre you family’s holiday celebrations around this superb tree for years to come. No matter the size of your home, you’ll find a Washington Fir that’s just right. It comes in 5ft6ft7.5ft, and 8.5ft, as well as towering 10ft and 12ft versions.

Shimmering Mountain Fir

Prefer your tree with a little extra sparkle? – Most of the Shimmering Mountain Fir’s branches display glitter at their tips designed to resemble early morning frost. Encircled by white lights, this tree in both 7ft and 8ft sizes truly spellbinds.

Pre-Lit & Flocked Trees

In recent years, pre-lit and flocked trees have surged in popularity. We love them and see why they hold such great appeal. In fact, some of the most in-demand green trees offer pre-lit and flocked varieties. Pre-lit trees look fabulous, reduce the time it takes to decorate a Christmas tree, and effectively eliminate the need to untangle hastily packed strands of lights. – But perhaps none of that applies to you. We encourage everyone to add as many lights as they desire to a pre-lit tree, too.

Increasing numbers of our customers search out flocked trees every holiday season. The charm of a tree sporting branches and needles dusted in snowy flocking captivates the imagination. Anyone who dreams of a white Christmas needs a flocked tree. If you can’t decide between pre-lit and flocked, you don’t have to. Your Christmas Elves stock flocked pre-lit trees.

Washington Fir Warm White Pre-Lit 7.5f / 230cmWashington For Multicolour Pre-Lit 7.5ft /230cm

Washington Fir

Get excited, because we’re leading off with not one, but two pre-lit styles of our Washington Fir! We stock both the multicolour and warm white versions in 6ft and 7.5ft, the two most sought-after sizes. Among them all, the 7.5ft warm white finds its way into the most homes.

Regina Pine Warm White Pre-Lit 7.5ft / 230cmJuniper Snow 7ft / 215cm

Regina Pine

Improving upon perfection, the pre-lit Regina Pine (6ft7.5ft) retains all the allure of the original, including frosted needles, pinecones, and holly berries, with the added demure golden glow of warm white lights.

Juniper Snow

Juniper Snow trees (4ft5ft6ft7ft) display bright white flocking at the ends of its outer branches. The precisely positioned dusting of fleecy white intensifies the several shades of green in the tree and will also contrast wonderfully with red and gold lights and decorations.

Snowdon Warm White Pre-Lit 7.5ft / 230cmSnowdon Frosted Tree 7.5ft / 230cm


As the name indicates, Snowdon trees look as though they were harvested on a crisp, snowy morning. Dense cottony flocking will gently augment the shine of any twinkling lights woven through the branches of these slimmer 6 Foot and 7.5ft trees. The warm white pre-lit version (6ft7.5ft9ft) gleams softly, reminiscent of a candle in the window on a dark winter’s night.

Pink Passion 7.5ftPink Passion Prelit Flocked Christmas Tree 7.5ft

Pink Passion

A Christmas fantasy from a place where fairy floss wishes come true, the Pink Passion tree’s pink needles come swathed in pillowy white flocking. The warm white lights snuggled within its branches enhance the pink tones peeking through the translucent flocking. Lovers of all things ‘pretty in pink’ may be tempted to create a monochromatic look, however we recommend pairing gold or rose gold decorations with this tree.

Multicolour Connectable Ready Pinecone Lights 100 BulbWarm White Connectable Ready Pinecone Lights 100 BulbWhite Connectable Ready Pinecone Lights 100 Bulb

‘Tree-mendous’ Tree Trimming Tips

Reinvigorate your tree with a few little additions each year. These are ours for Christmas 2022:

A. Go full conifer with pinecones: 

–Encircle your tree with white, warm white, and multicolour pinecone Connectable Ready lights. Remember, each adaptor can support up to 1200 lights. Adding an extra 100 LED bulb strand each year keeps your lighting bright and fresh.

–Hang a selection of pinecone ornaments. Often packaged in sets of 2–4, these great value decorations lend rustic charm to all our artificial trees, wreaths, and more.

B. Drape a fetching skirt around the base of your tree. For a ‘winter wonderland’ vibe, lay out one of our snow blankets.

C. Choose a tree topper they’ll notice from far below. Look to exciting contemporary takes on traditional angels and stars. Better yet, station this cuddly aussie bristle koala in the top spot.

Artificial trees have come such a long way in terms of construction and design. To us, they look fantastic even unadorned. Lush, plentiful foliage ensures a full crown from tip to base. Meticulous needle arrangements create more realistic looks, textures, and overall sensory experiences. We hope this post has inspired you to explore the artificial Christmas trees in our 2022 collection. We think you'll be hooked on them!

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Brown Gold Pinecone Ornaments (Set of 4)Koala Bristle Brush Tree TopperSilver Glitter Pinecone Ornaments (Set of 2)