Light Up Dad’s Life This Father’s Day with the Connectable Ready Range

Christmas Lights at Christmas Elves

When it comes to Father’s Day, we think Dad deserves more than socks and jocks. Light up his life with something that’ll really put a twinkle in his eye. Your Christmas Elves have lighting options for every special person in your life, from fellas to females.

Christmas Elves’ extensive lighting range will rekindle your love for all things luminescent. Let's shed light on how to make the holidays shine, and we'll finish up with three simple ways to invite shimmer and sparkle into your everyday life.

Connectable Ready Brand Page

Connectable Ready – Exclusive to Christmas Elves

We love everything about Connectable Ready lights. In our opinion, no brand can match their vibrance, versatility, and simplicity. Whether you’re creating outdoor displays that will be the envy of the neighbourhood or simply trimming a humble Christmas tree, Connectable Ready lights give you exactly what you need to make your decorating dreams come true.

You can trust Connectable Ready’s Australian design. Every LED bulb stays cool and lasts for thousands of hours. The thicker wire linking the bulbs can help prevent annoying tangles and contains more copper than other brands.

As the name implies, all styles of Connectable Ready lights can be linked together to create brilliant displays using far fewer extension cords and power points than you might expect. In fact, one single adaptor can power up to an astonishing 1200 lights. Connectable Ready lets you 'power your way'. In addition to AC adaptors, they also offer solar and battery-powered options for all products. They’re also economical. You can forget about buying separate sets of lights for outdoors and indoors because all Connectable Ready lights can be used both inside and out.

8 Shimmering Styles

With eight styles to choose from, Connectable Ready suits your taste and decorating goals with different shapes, textures and arrangements.

  • Fairy Lights
  • Pinecone Bulbs
  • Cherry Balls
  • Icicle Lights
  • String Lights
  • Net Lights
  • Curtain Lights
  • Acrylic Lights

Connectable Ready Red LED Lights 100 BulbConnectable Ready Warm White LED Lights 100 BulbConnectable Ready Green LED Lights 100 BulbConnectable Ready Purple LED Lights 100 Bulb

We use fairy lights all year long to bring a little extra sparkle to our days. Try stringing them up in a few places. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before. (Remember: we have lighting hacks at the end of the post.)

When it comes to fairy light colours, Connectable Ready spoils you with choice. Traditional Christmas ‘must-haves’ like whitewarm whitered, and green come in 100- and 400-bulb strands. Trendy 100-bulb blue and pink light strands increase in popularity every year. Halloween hijinks call for liberal lashings of spookily shining 100-bulb strands of orangepurple, and black (UV).

A new twist on old-fashioned bulbs, faceted pinecone lights make us yearn for a winter holiday in the country. Weave a few strands of these multicolour 100-bulb strands through your tree’s branches and you’ll see what we mean. Complement the pinecones with cherry ball strands to add even more intriguing textures to your tree. Illuminating a smaller space? – Our copper twisted lights wrap easily around smaller trees, plants, and displays.

Connectable Ready Multicolour Pinecone LED Lights 100 BulbConnectable Ready White Icicle LED Lights 400 BulbsConnectable Ready LED Acrylic Santa Claus

Larger arrangements, both indoors and out, cannot be outdone when you decorate with Connectable Ready. Icicle lights make light work of elegant hanging arrangements. String lights suit those whose displays seem to get bigger and more intricate year by year. – It’s a good thing they come in 1000-bulb strands of white and warm white. Put up large quantities of lights in no time when you use net and curtain lights. Run net lights across your lawn or hang them from roofs and ceilings. Decorate your home in seasonal shimmer by hanging curtain lights to create glowing year-round indoor and outdoor feature walls or drape them across your roof so Santa knows exactly where to land on Christmas Eve. In fact, show the big guy exactly where to park by adding an acrylic Santa Claus as a final flourish.


Connectable Ready accessories help you to bring your decorating dreams to ‘light’ – literally. Lead wire will transform you into a lighting wizard. Both the 5m clear and 5m green lead wire bundles allow you the freedom to position your creations where you like, incorporating gaps and open spaces. You may even use fewer power points.

Speaking of power, all solar panels, power adaptors, and battery packs give you eight operating modes to choose from:

  1. Combination
  2. In Waves
  3. Sequential
  4. Slo-Glo
  5. Chasing/Flash
  6. Slow Fade
  7. Twinkle/Flash
  8. Steady On

The sustainable and hassle-free way to light up the night, large solar panels switch themselves off during daylight hours. Before first use, position the panels in the sun for 8 hours to charge the rechargeable lithium batteries within. Then, plug your lights in, set the mode, and enjoy the show. (The batteries can also be recycled. Find out more here.) The large 13cm x 7cm panel supports up to 600 LED lights. The extra-large 16cm x 17cm panel can feed up to 1000 LED lights.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, both the standard power adaptor and slightly smaller spare power adaptor will keep every LED as bright as can be. 

Pro Tip: when you’ve set up all your lights, connect one of these floor switches between the lights and the adaptor to turn everything on with a single tap. 

Need a portable power option? Both the diminutive and discreet white and green battery packs work with either four AA batteries or a single 9V battery.

Lastly, keep all your cords safe and dry with DryBox’s weatherproof cord protector.

Ropelight & Infinity Collections

Merry Christmas LED Rope Light Sign 195cmWhite LED Santa's Sleigh 125cmDouble Spiral LED Rope Light Tree 2.1m

If you’re looking for more feature pieces, you’ll find them in our Rope Light and Infinity collections. Outdoor residential and commercial mainstays, rope light sculptures last for years. Spiral trees, sleighs, signs, and nativity scenes look just as dazzling and delightful on lawns and in gardens as they do in shopfront windows and corporate foyers.

Infinity Standing Light Up Santa 76cmInfinity Standing Light Up Dog 78cmInfinity Light Up Ute 88.5cm

When viewed from front-on, the lights within each of these freestanding pieces seem to stretch on to infinity. The light-up pup’s infinite cuteness has won us over. He’d probably chase the light-up ute if he could!

Infinity Light Up Blue Snowflake 40cm

3 Hacks for Year-Round Glimmer and Shine

Normally associated with dads and other dudes, lighting is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves decorating. Although often reserved for the holidays, sparkly lights in your home lend a festive feel to every season.

  • Line or run twinkling fairy lights along bookshelves, picture frames, and more for quirky, whimsical touches in any room.
  • Use solar-powered lights outdoors in entertaining areas, pergolas, and pathways for extra ambiance.
  • Give your garden an ethereal feel with string lights wound around tree trunks and shrubs laden with fairy lights.

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