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You Can Have a Stress-Free Christmas - Here’s How!

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The most cheerful time of the year comes with great food, family time and public holidays. For the adults of Australia, it also comes with its fair share of stress.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

At The Christmas Elves, we’re always busy in the run-up to Christmas, making sure we get everything prepared for homes around Australia. There are some rules we stick to, to ensure we don’t get overwhelmed by the festive activities.

Mix-up your Traditions

Is there something you do every year that causes nothing but a headache? Don’t keep traditions just for the sake of it, especially if they’re taking up too much money and energy. Speak to the family to get their perspective on your annual rituals and decide between yourselves if you could do without any of them. If the kids have outgrown any traditions and you find yourself trying to convince them each year, it may be time to find a new habit.

Focus on the Important Things

This time of year is about spending time with people you love, doing the things you enjoy doing. So, take a step back and find ways to spend more time with the family, instead of doing those mundane tasks you think you have to be doing. Do you really need to scrub the house so much before everyone arrives? Do you have to send out that huge pile of Christmas cards? Take time to relax and select a small group of people to send cards to instead.

Stop Stressing about Money

Christmas can cause many parents to go into a financial panic. It comes with its fair share of expenses, like food, gifts and decorating the home. To ease the strain, spread the cost and begin your Christmas shopping early, so the wallet doesn’t take a hit all at once. You should also take advantage of Afterpay options, so you can pay for your items at a time and schedule to suit you.

Have Fun!

Rip up that to-do list and let yourself relax. Appreciate these special moments you have with the family, as you’re trimming the tree or baking gingerbread cookies. Once January comes back around, you’ll probably be back at work, so take a deep breath and release the stress you may be feeling. Take regular breaks from Christmas shopping and other tasks, like heading outside for a walk in the sun.

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