Acrylic Figurines

The family will love our illuminated acrylic figurines. Decorate the front lawn with these fun outdoor pieces. Christmas characters like Frosty the Snowman and Santa come to life because they're filled with LED lights and at night time they look spectacular. Acrylic is a tough durable material that with care can be used year after year and our acrylic figures are solid they won’t blow away if properly staked out. They look best at night but even during the day these characters are attractive, with special details that the kids will love like a carrot top nose or a colourful scarf.

Imagine when the children find toadstools at the bottom of the garden! acrylic toadstools that light up and can be powered by solar panels. 

Surprise the family and grow your collection each year. At Christmas Elves we always have a new piece in store like the LED Lamp Post or the stunning LED Angel with trumpet. The clear acrylic has a texture that looks like ice and the LED lights dazzle. 

A range of tabletop pieces are also available, small battery operated acrylic Christmas characters that make a great present for an elderly person or even a Kris Kringle gift.

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