Copper Wire Fairy Lights

Copper wire lights have been a revolution for the decorator. These LED lights are stylish and sophisticated but at the same time practical and versatile, perfect really! Wether you’re decorating the Christmas tree or the bedside table Christmas Elves sell both battery and powered copper wire lights. 

With Copper Wire lights decorating the Christmas tree is easy. Add your decorations first and lights last, the wire is almost invisible and can be easily embedded and disguised by the tree tips letting you see every single light shine brilliantly. Copper wire lights have an attractive twinkle that gives a picture perfect look. Experiment by adding copper wire lights as an extra layer to a decorated tree if you like your tree to shine.

Use battery operated copper wire lights to decorate a Christmas wreath or garland it will save you time and effort, the copper wire lights add the final touch. They’re available in a wide variety of colours and are very convenient especially when you don't have access to a power source. 

It’s not all about Christmas, create eye catching light displays throughout the home. Use copper wire lights on a dinner party table or to decorate a bedroom. They’re nothing but versatile and inexpensive.

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