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Welcome to Christmas Elves, your one-stop destination for all things Christmas! With the holiday season drawing near, we are excited to introduce you to the latest additions from the Lemax Christmas Villages collection, sure to infuse your festivities with magic.

Explore the Latest Lemax Christmas Villages Collection

At Christmas Elves, we recognise the importance of creating a fun and festive atmosphere during Christmas. That's why we are thrilled to showcase Lemax's freshest offerings, designed to enhance your Christmas celebrations. From meticulously crafted Sights and Sounds to whimsical accents and accessories, our collection caters to every holiday enthusiast.

Are you a devoted collector of Lemax Christmas villages? Don't miss our carefully curated selection of the newest additions. These miniature marvels are expertly designed to transport you to a winter wonderland, complete with charming cottages, twinkling lights, and festive figurines. Whether you're embarking on a new collection or expanding an existing one, these villages are bound to captivate.

In addition to our Lemax Christmas Villages collection, explore our extensive Australiana Christmas Collection, adding a touch of Down Under charm to your holiday décor.

Seeking the perfect gift or stocking filler? Our Lemax accents and accessories make splendid presents for your loved ones. Ranging from animated scenes to adorable figurines, these items infuse character into any display. They also excel at crafting memorable holiday scenes for your family and guests.

Don't forget to visit our Lemax Collection page for a comprehensive overview of all the Lemax products we offer. We're committed to helping you create cherished memories with your loved ones, one festive village at a time. Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with Christmas Elves and Lemax!

Explore the Latest Lemax Christmas Villages Collection and embark on crafting your own winter wonderland today!

At Christmas Elves HQ, we are super excited the new collection of Christmas villages, accents and accessories from Lemax Collection is on its way. Sure to make our collectors happy! Get ready to be swept up in the magic of two holidays with new season Christmas and SpookyTown Halloween collectibles, lighted buildings, facades, table accents, figurines, and accessories. 

Some extra exciting news is the artist who created "Home for Christmas" Norman Rockwell, has been shared with a new generation via a colaboration between Lemax and Norman Rockwell library. 

Don't miss out ... you can view the Lemax collection below and make sure you read more about our latest Lemax arrivals!


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