Immerse Yourself in Christmas Colour Splendour: A Glimpse at our 2022 Collection of Candy Cane Kisses and Grinchmas

Christmas may be a handful of months away, but our 2022 collection has already started to come in, with more arriving at our Melbourne stores in Preston and Ferntree Gully every day. – And you won’t want to miss a moment! Whatever your holiday celebration and however you like to decorate, your Christmas Elves have something for you. In part one of this this two-part series, we'll tap into Christmas magic early and stroll through a colour-filled wonderland full of the latest figurines, ornaments, and decorations that’ll capture your heart.

Christmas Colour Splendour

This year’s collection capitalises on colour like never before, from classic Christmas colours to hues and shades destined to become holiday mainstays. Classics like red, white, green and gold evoke thoughts of sweet peppermint swirls, Christmas Trees, baubles and stars. Ochre, green and yellow capture the Australian summer. Blue and indigo suggest the peaceful serenity of Christmas Eve and the Nativity. You'll find all these and more as you read on.

Snowman with Top Hat 48cmNutcracker Holding Lollipop 61cm

Traditional Christmas characters really shine in red and white. This duo shares a love of minty fresh candy stripes. Our jolly snowman has tinkling tiny bells for buttons. He wears a top hat with a white fuzzy band and a bow with a sleigh bell in its centre. His seriously steadfast nutcracker mate sports a mint buckle and buttons down the front of his hat. Smiling through generous moustaches, he offers lollipops to everyone he meets.

Candy Cone Swirl Tree 57cmRed & White Spotted Mushroom 22cm

Give your holiday figurines a while new whimsical forest world to explore when you group a few sparkly candy cone swirl trees and spotted mushrooms together. Simply position your figurines, then set your imagination free. Who knows what adventures you’ll dream up?

Speaking of holiday red and white, that loveable mascot Elf on the Shelf will be back and better than ever this Christmas. Stay tuned for a specially dedicated blog to find out when 2022's elves will make their way to Christmas Elves.

Peppermint Wishes Embossed Metal Wall Art 45.5cmLetter to Santa Lidded Container 41cm

Who wouldn’t love ‘peppermint wishes’ at Christmastime? Spell out your love for the holidays with this embossed metal wall sign. Hang it in the kitchen or in the lounge for a rustic touch. Make sure your children’s letters to Santa reach their destination on time by securing them in this tin Letters to Santa lidded container.

You’ll feel extra Christmassy when you wear festive Tom and Jerry high-top sneakers covered in all your favourite holiday colours. Both styles sparkle with sides covered in green sequins and glitter toe caps. Soles red Holly berry soles and a gold tongue topped with an embroidered mistletoe sprig give these a touch of street. Our favourite quarrelsome yet disarming duo, dressed as Santa Claus, round out these sensational seasonal kicks.

Possible Dreams by Department 56

Possible Dreams bring holiday fantasies to life using Christmas icons and officially licensed top pop culture brands. Designed by Creative Director and head artist Ann Dezendorf, artisans hand pant and carefully assemble each detail-rich table piece and figurine. All feature Clothique™ stiffened fabrics which permit more realistic effects and poses.

Mickey & Minnie Christmas Eve 24cmMickey & Minnie Fresh Baked for Santa 14cmSnoopy Christmas Beagle with Gifts 27cm

Mickey has decided to play Santa at the Disney Christmas Eve party. We’re not sure he can carry all those presents on his own, but Minnie should be able to lend him a hand. This 24cm table piece dazzles with vibrant colours and patterns. Fleecy hems, silky ribbons, frosted burlap and smooth stone resin will delight your sense of touch. In ‘Fresh Baked for Santa’ (14cm tall), the world’s most famous mouse couple set out special snacks for Santa. If you look closely, you’ll see that the cookies dressed in Santa suits are shaped just like the world-famous Mickey Mouse head logo. Do you think they’re chocolate? What about gingerbread? Yum!

Oh, it’s you, Snoopy! We thought Father Christmas had really ‘gone to the dogs’ this year! This 27cm tall resin table piece depicts Snoopy as the official ‘Christmas Beagle’. He wears a cute suit fit for a dapper dog and carries a bag brimming with gifts, including massive mints and beautifully wrapped surprises. We suspect he bought the holiday dog biscuits (far right) just for himself.

Mr & Mrs Claus Nine Ladies Dancing 28cmRainbow Greetings Santa with Wreath 27cm

Before he sets off around the world to deliver gifts to good girls and boys, Santa and Mrs Claus always take a moment for themselves. ‘Nine Ladies Dancing’ (28cm) captures the loving couple just as Santa has twirled Mrs Claus into his arms. Turns out, even after decades of marriage, the Christmas spirit helps keep the romance alive.

Santa brings greetings of love to rainbow families all over the world in this 27cm figurine. Rainbow ribbons adorn Santa’s cuffs and the wreath he carries. He also holds a rainbow bag full of goodies. We love this look!

Grinch by Dr Suess

Spinning Grinch Ornament Plush Grinch 38cm

Initially the Head Humbug out to cancel the holidays in Whoville, the Grinch now wishes every day could be Christmas. We cannot imagine Christmas without an officially licensed plush Grinch like one of these:

  • Naughty & Nice Grinch (61cm) has decided that he’ll be the judge of who deserves gifts this year.
  • A cute Jim Shore Naughty or Nice Grinch ornament - perfect for that special someone who needs encouragement to be nice this Christmas.
  • Sometime, Mr Grinch can be a real softie. This 38cm plush Grinch couldn’t be more huggable.


Trim your tree with vintage-themed baubles and ornaments that look good enough to eat.

Holiday Message Glass Baubles 2 Styles 12.5cmRaz Imports Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments 4 Styles 16cmLalaland Fairybread Ornament 10cm

  • Every tree needs glass baubles with classic Christmas messages.
  • Sweeten the season like the Sugarplum Fairy would with Lalaland’s fairy bread, lamingtons and ice cream ornaments.
  • They may look like gingerbread, but don’t try to sneak a bite of these Raz Imports cookie ornaments.


Lemax Santa's Rooftop BashLemax Peppermint CottageLemax Crafty Elves

Love Lemax? – Then 2022 is most definitely your year! Along with this year’s 19-Piece Collectors Pack, you can expect plenty of new light up buildings, table pieces and figurines. Dance with snowmen, frolic with reindeer, and sing with elves all night long at Santa’s Rooftop Bash. Then, head home to Peppermint Cottage to relax for the rest of the weekend. Be sure to check out everything Lemax at Christmas Elves on our latest Lemax blog and Christmas Villages website.

Holiday Australiana

Australiana Collection

Celebrate our lucky country and summertime Christmas colours with native floristry arrangements and fauna ornaments. Get crafty by adding a few banksia stems and gumnuts to a plain evergreen wreath. – Feel like trying your hand a creating a wreath from scratch? We also have step-by-step instructions on how to build your own wreath in the ‘A Wreath of Your Own’ section of this blog post. (Remember, our stylists can create one of a kind floristry wreaths, too. Contact them to learn more.)

Build your dining table centrepiece and prepare place setting with panache. Whether you choose to artfully arrange stems around the table or stand them in a beautiful vase, sprays of gold setaria, yellow mimosa, yellow or mauve Billy buttons, bottlebrush flowers, banksia leaves and sprays of gumnuts help you dish up a slice of ‘sunburnt country Christmas’ even if you’re hosting lunch in a city centre. Fill your home with native floristry wherever you want to see the colours of an Aussie summer.

Let this year be the year you trim your tree with floristry like in the picture above. Begin with a slew of gum leaf garlands. (We also suggest you save some to line shelves, side boards, mantlepieces and more.) Following the garlands, add sprays and stems. Whether you carefully plan a pattern or throw caution to the wind and randomly strew, employ a blend of textures and colours for a real visual feast.

Aboriginal Christmas Bauble Red 8cmAboriginal Christmas Bauble Turtle 7.6cmAboriginal Christmas Bauble Chevron Dots on Black Background 7.6cm

Hang your ornaments next. Start with baubles designed by Aboriginal artists. (We’ve chosen our three favourites, but you can find even more here.) Add more variety with smaller baubles like the ‘Exotic Paradiso’ set of six by Lalaland. Of course you’ll want to save space for charming Aussie animals like this kangarooechidnawombatkookaburra and more. They all wear darling hats and are covered in bristle brush fur. If you have any space left, fill it with lasercut bamboo ornaments like this koala. Speaking of koalas, position this adorable koala tree topper in place of an angel or Christmas star. Remember to share your creations with us. See how at the end of the post. (If you want help with designing or creating a tree with native floristry, our stylists can help with that, too.)

Paradiso Little Baubles Box Set 6cmBristlebrush Koala Tree Topper 19cmBristlebrush Echidna Ornament 9cm

Starry Night

Are you dreaming of a ‘blue Christmas’? – You’re not alone. Over the last few years, marketers and visual merchandisers have wholeheartedly embraced bule in holiday advertising and displays. More recently, we’ve noticed our customers starting to experiment with shades of blue in their home decorating, too. In some cases, what started off with a few blue ornaments has morphed into a ‘true-blue’ obsession. Our Starry Night Collection brings the delicate hues and twinkling sparkle of a Christmas Eve night sky into your home.

Blue Blossoms

A starry night celebration demands azure arrangements of floristry. 

Include some darker colours and contrasting textures for variety, depth, and ‘wow’ factor. Here's how: 

  • Attach some clip-on navy blue poinsettia flowers to the sprays and stems in your vase or slip in navy blue stems, instead. The deeper blue accentuates the lighter shades and makes them ‘pop’. 
  • Strategically placed blue and royal blue magnolias will contrast marvellously with the poinsettias. Their texture and many-petaled shape allows them to stand out while fitting in with the overall demure look and feel. 

Finally, if you’ll place your ‘bouquet of blue’ in a taller vase, position royal blue glitter curls for a festive feel. Whether trailing down the sides of the vase or woven amongst the stems, these curls turn any display into a party centrepiece.

Boughs of Blue

A Christmas tree bedecked in beautiful shades of blue radiates peace and tranquillity. Whilst any of our exclusive Black Box trees would look amazing with blue ornaments, we suggest the 7.5ft/230cm Washington Fir Christmas Tree. (It also comes in the following heights: 5ft/152cm, 6ft/183cm, 8.5ft/260cm, 10ft/305cm, 12ft/365cm.)

Blue Glitter Baubles (Set of 4)Angel with Flute 25cm

In terms of lighting, blue fairy lights work wonderfully with the soft, golden glow of warm white. To tinsel or not to tinsel? With your cool LED Connectable Ready lights in place, you can wrap as much navy blue tinsel around the tree as your heart desires. We also adore this blue disk garland. Each tiny disc acts as a mirror, reflecting oodles more light. Time to hang ornaments, and who can resist starting with some sequined blue baubles? Follow them up with several blue glitter baubles in packs of four. Fill in any leftover spaces with royal blue textured baubles. Cap your blue and gold tree with an angel tree topper. If you can’t decide between the one playing the flute or the one playing the mandolin, rest assured that whichever doesn’t make it to the top will find a home either elsewhere on the tree or star in its own heavenly table display.

Blue Velvet Dreams

Festive Blue & White Sleigh 46cmStanding Blue Reindeer with Stars 70cmBlack Bear Walking with Snowflake Fur 82cm

Each of our Starry Night tabletop pieces and figurines invites you to dream up stories set in frosty, far-off places. Hop in our sleigh and let us whisk you away to a land of blue velvet dreams. Please do admire the reindeer’s star-studded coat and glittery horns. – He loves the attention! As we sail over snowdrifts, don’t fret if you see any black bears. They’re friendly and fuzzy. At the centre of this ethereal realm grows a blue velvet tree covered in stars. Sitting below it, you’ll find a petite polar bear prince, eager to welcome you to his frozen kingdom. The cost of admission? – One hug...

Blue Velvet Tree with Stars 59cmRoyal Blue Sitting Bear 21cmBlack Bear Standing with Snowflake Fur 87cm

Who staunchly protects this idyllic country and the magic of Christmas everywhere? – Nutcrackers, of course! You can count on these lads to keep Christmas safe from all manner of humbug.

  • The huggably soft blue velvet nutcracker with stars takes his job very seriously. 
  • Brothers in arms, these three fellas wear chic textured shiny silver and powder blue uniforms. Little brother Glitter Festive stands 33cm tall. Middle child Majestic Festive rises above him at 45cm. Big brother Regal Festive towers above them both at 62cm.

Festive Glitter Nutcracker 33cmMajestic Festive Glitter Nutcracker 45cmRegal Festive Glitter Nutcracker 62cm

Colour your Christmas with joy and love. Whatever your taste or style, Christmas Elves has decorations, ornaments and floristry to make your celebration more colourful and magical than ever before. Stay tuned for part two of our 2022 Collection in the coming weeks. We can't wait to show you everything else that we'll have in store (and online) for you and your family.

Christmas Elves are social elves. Post photos of your displays to Instagram and tag us: @christmas_elves_ or #christmas_elves_

Light Up Blue Snowflake 40cm