Welcome to Christmas Elves University the official Blog of Santa's Christmas Elves!

Christmas Elves University

CEU stands for Christmas Elves University, and it is the official Blog of Santa's Christmas Elves. We are excited to bring the latest Christmas Elves updates and stylists tricks of the trade. We cover a variety of necessary elf duties including tree trimming, lighting, decorating and more. After years of educating elves of all ages, we are branching out to teach anyone who has the desire to learn-including gnomes, trolls, and even humans!

Christmas Elves University is divided into 4 different campuses:

- Christmas Decorating led by Designer Elf

- Christmas Entertaining, Christmas Traditions and History led by Entertainer Elf

- Christmas Trees and Nature led by Forest Elf

- Christmas Lights led by LightUp Elf

We hope you can find new techniques and tricks to implement this Christmas season here at CEU, and enjoy the experience of learning more about the festive holiday our Elf university is founded on.

We recently have found a range of Elf University decorations (by RAZ Christmas).

4102263 Elf University Red And Green Posable Elf

4107007 - Elf University Ornament

4107010 - Elf University Sled Team Ornament

4110254 - Professor Santa Claus at Elf University

4110253 - Christmas Elf All Wrapped Up!

4110255 - University Sledding Christmas Elves

Christmas Elves University