​The Symbolism of the Christmas Poinsettia

Did you know that the Poinsettia symbolises good cheer, success and are said to bring wishes of good spirits, laughter & celebration.

The Shape of the Poinsettia flower & leaves are thought to be a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem which led the wise men the place where Jesus was born. The red coloured leaves symbolise the blood of Christ & the white leaves symbolise his purity.

Why is the poinsettia became the Christmas Flower?

The legend tells a story of a girl who was too poor to provide a gift to Jesus on Christmas Eve.

"I'm sure that even the smallest gift, given by someone who loves him will make Jesus happy."

She was inspired by an angel to gather weeds from the roadside and place them in front of the church altar. When she brought the weeds into a church, they blossomed into the beautiful red plants we know as poinsettias. It is known as “Flower of the Holy Night”, Christmas star & Christmas flower.

Poinsettias coloured dye & Medicinal

The flower is native to Central America where they flower during Winter.

The Aztecs used Poinsettias to make Purple dye for clothes & cosmetics. The Milky white sap was made into Medicine to treat fevers.

Poinsettias Decoration History

Poinsettia is believed to have been used as a Christmas decoration as early as the 17th century. The poinsettia has become a worldwide holiday favourite for decorating

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