Plan & Prepare for Christmas in July!

Despite experiencing a scorching Christmas year after year on this side of the equator, it seems us Aussies still feel that something is missing over the festive period.

Cold weather.

When almost every Christmassy film we come across depicts scenes of a snowy wonderland, something doesn’t feel right when we slap on our sun cream and fire up the BBQ in the middle of summer.

That’s why Christmas in July became a thing. First popular amongst travellers that missed that chill in the air while they opened their Kris Kringle gifts, now Australians have begun to embrace the Christmas in July trend.

So, make sure you’re celebrating properly with all the right preparation for your mid-year festivities in 2019, because what could be better than two visits from Santa every year?!

Take Stock of your Existing Goodies

Got a stash of Christmas leftovers in the attic? While it’s time to throw out that uneaten Xmas pud, there may be plenty of other decorations and things that are collecting dust. Save on money and dig deep to discover what you already have!

Figurines, baubles, wreaths and other festive accessories can (and should!) make an appearance for your Christmas in July celebrations, to really spread that holiday cheer around your home. Keep hold of everything that’s still in style, and make a note of gaps in your collection so you can refresh your stash.

Get Gifting

Whether you’re making a list and checking it twice, like Santa himself, or you just need that one Kris Kringle present, starting early gets rid of any stress involved!

Shop Christmas gifts online to avoid busy stores and to find something a little more unique.

Prepare the Home

Have you been given hosting honours this year? If family and friends are due to head to your home for their Christmas in July dinner and celebrations, make sure the place is looking suitably festive.

Consider small details of how you can better accommodate guests, such as placing a coat rack by the doorway and stocking up on toilet roll! Once you’ve done all you can to keep the day running smoothly, embellish the home in festive decor. Fairy lights and partyware are both simple ways to keep the magic alive in July. We can hear those jingle bells ringing already!

Plan the Feast

There’s a reason we prefer barbecued snags in summer - a full roast dinner is just too heavy in the December heat. When the Australian climate is a little milder in the middle of the year, take the opportunity to really feast out like the Europeans do.

It’s a good idea to find out about guests’ dietary requirements before you hit the supermarkets so you can cater to vegans, intolerances and those that hate Brussels sprouts! It’s always good to start with a light appetiser to save room for the main course. A selection of roasted meats as well as generous helpings of vegetables, potatoes, gravy and apple sauce usually goes down well. For dessert? Serve up some Christmas pud or ice-cream.

If that all sounds overwhelming, you could ask each guest to bring an item to the table to ease some stress from you.

Make it Fun & Personal

Unique traditions are what truly makes a celebration your own. This is a time to gather the people you love and just enjoy yourselves, and a few special touches will make the day even more memorable.

Create personalised placeholders around the table and try mixing up the usual seating order, so guests can interact with people they usually wouldn’t spend as much time with. Get silly with Christmas costumes and finish off the evening with a carol sing-along session!

It’s no secret that we can’t get enough of Christmas here at Christmas Elves! That’s why our store is open year-round, so you can celebrate your favourite event more than once! Be prepared for Christmas in December, July or just find decorations that look great in any season!