Make Mother's Day magical with a step-by-step table decorating guide, gift cards with 10% extra value, floristry, and gifts from Willow Tree, Only Orb & more.

This Mother’s Day, honour all the wonderful women in your life by spending quality time together. You wouldn’t dream of showing up empty-handed, so make sure you choose a meaningful gift or two, with a surprise gift card included for good measure. —After all, she’s worth it!

If you’re preparing a special meal for Mother’s Day, we want to help. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide on decorating a table that sets the scene for an unforgettable breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at some marvellous gift ideas.


Peach Magnolia with Stem 25cmDusty Mauve Magnolia Stem 66cmRose Gold Magnolia Stem 25cm

Just like your love for mum, floristry lasts a lifetime. Assemble a blushing bouquet of blooms or ask our expert stylists to prepare one for you. We can’t get enough of a theme we’re calling ‘blushing gold’: red and pink blossoms with golden sprays.

Start with magnolia stems in peachdusty mauve, and rose gold. Traditionally symbolising longevity, magnolias pair beautifully with gold lamé leaf sprays. We recommend creating a more bountiful display with complementary blooms in pink, red, and cream by adding clip-on roses and magnolias to the leaf sprays. We invite you to experiment with poinsettias in pink and rose gold shades, too. —They’re not just for Christmas.

Popular favourites such as pink dahliaspeach ranunculusfuchsia peoniesglitter ferns, and shiny metallic rubber leaves suit this pink and gold nod to the eighties that’s back in style today. We suggest a plain glass or ceramic vase to accompany your creation.

Pink Poinsettia with Stem 33cmShiny Metallic Rubber Leaf 69cmClip-on Rose Bloom 6 Colours 16cm

Candles & Scents

Only Orb Driftwood & Citrus CandleOnly Orb Brass Vessel Lemon Myrtle & Sandalwood CandleOnly Orb Teak & Brass Diffuser

Delicious scents lift our spirits and help us to relax and unwind. Only Orb products entice our senses further. Their fine-grained teak and smooth brass vessels delight the eye and beg to be caressed. Artisans in Ubud transform sustainably-sourced teak blocks into the perfect homes for these deluxe soy candles, hand-poured into blown glass spheres. Choose from ‘Oar’ (driftwood and citrus) or ‘Nurture’ (hyacinth and hawthorn). Utterly luxurious, the Oracle II (lemon myrtle and sandalwood) comes in a brass orb made by hand. Each candle burns for up to 40 hours. Once the wax has been depleted, simply replace the candles with new Only Orb candles and reuse the teak and brass holders. Looking for a rattan reed diffuser? Only Orb’s refillable teak and brass diffuser will discreetly disperse your favourite fragrance blend for weeks.

Willow Tree

Willow Tree Angel's Embrace Figurine 14cmWillow Tree Angel of Mine Figurine 21cmWillow Tree Butterfly Figurine 16.5cm

Uniquely suited to Mother’s Day, Willow Tree figurines convey emotion in a quiet, yet moving way. The true beauty of the Willow Tree brand lies in its simplicity. Lacking facial features, the figurines show emotions that we naturally interpret and relate to via simple gestures and natural poses. Artist Susan Lordi carves a prototype of each piece herself. Stone resin casts of these carvings are then hand-painted so no two are completely identical. 

From ornaments and figurines to cards and gifts, every piece tells its own subtle story. Motherhood as a theme recurs frequently across the range. Both ethereal angels and earthly mothers evoke treasured memories of times spent with our own motherly figures while whimsical figurines transport the us to a world of exquisite magic.

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Gift Cards

Treat you mum, nan, or other special lady in your life to a Christmas Elves gift card, and she can treat herself to exactly what she wants. Perfect presents on their own, gift cards also make for wonderful surprises when hidden amongst the treats and sweets in a hamper, tucked between the pages of a book, or paired with a greeting card.

For a limited time, Christmas Elves are awarding an extra 10% credit on top of the purchased value of all new gift cards. (Ts & Cs apply, so contact us for full details and learn more by reading our blog post.)

Our gift cards can be used in-store or online and can be added to electronic wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Best of all, they never expire. Read everything you need to know about how to purchase and use Christmas Elves Group gift cards here.

A Magical Mother’s Day

Willow Tree Grandmother Figurine 14cmWillow Tree For Always Figurine 17.5cm

Make your family’s Mother’s Day meal a magical event by setting a spectacular table. Steps 1–3 can be performed in advance. Complete the remaining steps in the morning, well before any guests arrive. You want everyone who sees this table to think you’ve gone to heaps of effort. (But this set-up is a cinch!)

1. Start with the ‘blank canvas’ of a crisp white tablecloth.

2. Next, add a table runner. (We’re using this golden one by Willow Tree.)

3. Lay out all your place settings, including all glassware, to see how much space you have available. (If performing this step in advance, glasses should be turned upside-down. We recommend covering all plates with an unfolded paper napkin or piece of kitchen towel.)

4. Assemble your centrepiece. Naturally, we’ve put ours together from our favourite floristry.

5. Scatter decorative terrariums and small bottles about the table either at random or in a pattern. When it’s time for everyone to sit down to lunch, using these containers makes for easy removal.

6. Add more floristry: stems in bottles, blooms in terrariums and either in front or on top of place settings.

7. Complete the look with figurines or special mementos under glass cloches. Or, try some candles: flame-free LED (10cm12.5cm) or silver and gold pillar candles (10cm14cm).

8. Don’t forget to have some of mum’s favourite dishes on the menu!

Mauve Billy ButtonsLight Pink Chrysanthemum Celeste

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