Ideas for your Nativity Display

The nativity scene, or crèche, is a Christmas decoration beloved by many with rich tradition. Some choose to create an elaborate display while others prefer a simple look. Here are some ways to add on to the basic pieces that come with a nativity set to further set the scene of that night in Bethlehem.

Nativity Scene at the Vatican. photo credit: Paul Haring

All nativity sets will come with the three basic pieces-Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. More elaborate ones can include shepherds, three wise men, animals, and a manger. If you chose a more basic nativity set, you can easily create a more elaborate scene with a bit of craftiness. A manger is easily recreated with some straw (available in most pet stores and some craft shops), some small branches to create posts and a piece of construction paper or cardstock to attach the straw onto to create the roof of the manger. You can even attach a North star to this by attaching the star to some florist wire, and attaching the other end of the florist wire to the manger.

Another way to add depth to the nativity scene is by adding the night sky. This can be done by first setting up the nativity scene somewhere that doesn’t get much light, and using a small string of lights (battery operated work great for this application) and hanging them above the scene. This will light up the scene while also creating the effect of a starry night sky.

If your nativity set doesn’t include animals, you can easily create adorable sheep with cotton balls. This is a great craft to get children involved in creating the nativity display, and a perfect opportunity to explain the message and purpose of having a nativity display in your home during the Christmas season.

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