How to fluff your Christmas Tree

Shaping your new Christmas tree takes some effort, but for those who love their beautiful Christmas Tree, the process is a testament to their dedication.

Recommendations on the best way to "shape or fluff" your Christmas Tree are:

* Start at the bottom of the tree and work your way up
* With each branch, separate out individual tips and angle them out and away from the centre of the tree
* tips towards the back on the branch should be angled vertically up from the branch and sideways out from the branch
* tips toward the end of the branch should be angled out and away from the branch.
* work your way around each branch level and then up the tree, shaping each layer before moving up to the next
* as you reach the top of the tree, step back, and look at the tree from a distance, look for gaps that need more shaping
* the first time you shape your Christmas tree will require the most fluffing. Following years your Christmas tree will retain much of the shape from the previous seasons 
* enjoy your Christmas Tree!