How to celebrate an Australian Christmas in July 2020

Well, we do live in the lucky country so why not celebrate Christmas twice! If you're new to this idea Christmas in July is traditionally when we in Australia take advantage of the colder winter months (July and August) and host a party or event themed around Christmas. All you really need is a willing cook, Christmas Crackers and a Michael Bublé Christmas CD on repeat! As restrictions start to ease a Christmas in July family get together may be what everyone needs, so let us indulge in a lovely roast dinner with all the trimmings. In the current climate a family meal can lift the spirits and provide a welcome distraction from the outside world. 

                            Christmas Cracker, Christmas Elves

If you and your family are housebound it could be fun to divide the tasks. Set your Christmas in July date and get the kids involved with some of the preparation. Making new crafty Christmas decorations like paper chains and bunting or personalised placemats and nameplates for the table will keep them occupied.

Christmas origami shapes are always fun to make, display them on the Christmas tree or as unique table decorations.

                            Christmas Origami, Christmas Elves

                           Table Setting, Christmas Elves

Next, decorating the dining table. Don't hold back, bring out the Christmas crockery the best glassware and candles or take it outside and get the barbecue fired up. Really there's only one rule, make it festive. 

It's a nice idea to leave a gift on everyone's plate.These plastic baubles are filled with faux floristry, off cuts from the Christmas box but you could easily select gum leaves, flowers or seeds from the garden. These baubles split in half so they're big enough to add a small gift or a personal message for your guests. 

Of course a Christmas Cracker is the traditional choice for the table and at Christmas Elves we have some great options, from the luxury of Tom Roberts to a budget friendly foil cracker that comes complete with paper hat, joke and gift.

                            Plastic Baubles, Christmas Elves

                            Christmas Crackers, Christmas Elves

Now the preparations are done its time to dress for the occasion an ugly Christmas jumper, a Christmas hat or even a festive Christmas brooch will get you in the party mood. 

                            Christmas Jewellery, Christmas Elves

Don't forget the music, a Christmas soundtrack is essential from the classics to George, Kylie or Mariah, who doesn't love a Christmas singalong. At Christmas Elves we have Mr Christmas Radio a battery operated radio that plays three stations from the Santa Radio Network and the Elf News Network.

Have party games close by and a stack of paper and pencils ready to play parlour games like Pictionary or roll these party dice for a bit of fun.

                            North Pole Radio, Christmas Elves

                           Christmas Games, Christmas Elves

Finally don't neglect your outdoors, decorate the patio, balcony or garden with your Christmas lights. Coloured lights always lift the mood so now it's time to add the sparkle and your neighbours are sure to appreciate the light show. Get the party started.