Fun ways to decorate with Christmas wreaths (hint: they’re not just for the front door)

Driving past homes with Christmas wreaths hanging on the front door is a sure-fire way to tell that Halloween is over and that the festive season is truly upon us. For those of us full of the holiday spirit, decorating the outside of our homes and getting creative with Christmas lights, inflatables and window silhouettes are all fun ways to let passers-by know that you’re counting down the days until December 25.

This year, however, we’re changing tradition and shaking things up a bit by bringing the beloved Christmas wreath indoors, so it can spread more holiday cheer to family members than to onlookers. 

Why do we love Christmas wreaths so much?

Maybe it’s their perfect circular shape, pretty foliage, or the fact that they symbolise strength and eternity, but Christmas wreaths are a non-negotiable decoration come December. There’s just something about the way that they add a classic yet warm touch to any home.

Nowadays, you can get Christmas wreaths in a variety of styles and designs, made entirely from bay leaves, pinecones, twigs or even baubles! Some even come in rectangle or heart shapes, and in a range of different colours. They may be small, but Christmas wreaths can make a big impact in any space when placed correctly.