DIY Christmas Card Garland

As Christmas cards start coming in from friends and family, the same question always comes up-what’s the best way to display them? Some people choose to tack them around a doorway, hang them along the fireplace, or display them on a Christmas card holder (a wire rack normally shaped like a Christmas tree or something similar). 

This year, why not try making your own Christmas card holder out of a garland? They are stunning for staircases, along the mantlepiece or on top of a bookcase, and display all those Christmas cards without sticking out like a sore thumb. 

What you’ll need:

  • Artificial tree garland
  • Somewhere to hang the garland (staircase, fireplace, bookcase, etc.)-Clothespins or clip-on decorations (Side note: We used clip on poinsettias, if you choose this option, I recommend using florist wire to properly attach the decoration to the garland so that the clip can be used to hold the card)
  • Florist wire
  • Your choice of decorations (optional)
  • Lights (optional)

Products used for our garland:


1. Fluff your garland and wrap it or anchor it where it’s going to be displayed, if you are hanging it on something like a fireplace, use something like stocking hangers or removable hooks to anchor it in place and for a staircase simply wind it around or anchor points of it with removable hooks or a piece of florist wire.

2. If you are using lights on your garland, string the lights on it now (make sure to test them before winding them onto the garland!)

3. Add your decorations if you are choosing to use them.

4a. (If you are using clothespins, this step is for you. If not, go to 4b!) Take pieces of florist wire approximately 15cm long and wrap it around one handle of your clothespin and twist. Then twist the remaining wire onto the garland, fixing the clothespin in place. Once the clothespin is fixed in place, you can start attaching your Christmas cards by clipping them with the clothespins.

4b. (If you are using clip on decorations, this step is for you!) Using pieces of florist wire approximately 15cm long, twist wire onto base of clip-on decoration, then twist the remainder of the wire onto the garland where you would like the decoration to sit, thus fixing it in place. If you are using this method, your cards will be clipped on to the decorations clip.

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