Christmas Decorations Outdoors - Part 1

You can use many Christmas Lights and Decorations to decorate outside your home. At the front of your door or porch, you can display a garland and wreath to welcome family and friends.

Make sure you put LED string lights in your wreath and turn it on as it starts to get dark. If you dont have a powerpoint nearby, use battery operated (available from 20pc unto 100pc LED) or even solar lights (available in 100 to 400pc LED).

For garden decorations an idea and is to use some stakes and wind LED string lights around them to make a fence from Christmas Lights. If your budget can include a Christmas Inflatable, this will help add colour during the day and night (as good inflatables will include LED lights inside to light them up at night). 

This is a few basic ideas to get you started with your front yard Christmas decoration. For more ideas contact the Christmas Elves, they are there to help you.