Choosing your “Colour Scheme” for Christmas.

Choosing your colour scheme for Christmas.

1. Start with unpacking all your Christmas Decorations to see what you have.

2. Select a base colour and build on that. This can be a neutral or metallic i.e. gold, silver, white or if you want a more colourful look try choosing a primary colour (red, yellow, blue).

3. Select accent colours… no more than 2 unless you plan to create a multi colour theme.

Here are some examples of common colour schemes;

  • Traditional: Red, Gold, and Green
  • Winter Wonderland: White, Silver, and Pale Blue
  • Victorian Antique: Burgundy, Gold, and Ivory
  • Fairy/Fantasy: Pink, Violet, and Emerald
  • Nature: Ivory, Brown, and Green

4. Divide your home up into decorating zones

a) Christmas Tree

b) Area/room around your Christmas Tree

c) Christmas Party Area

b) Table setting

5. Reviewing your current Christmas items, create a list of what pieces/colours will be featured in each zone.

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