Store Your Glass Ornaments Safely With Our Expert Tips

Carefully packing and storing fragile decorations means you'll enjoy them for many holiday seasons to come. Our five simple tips will show you how to protect all your glass ornaments and other delicate pieces by using materials easily found in supermarkets, office supply stores, and other major retailers. Christmas may be over, but the Christmas Elves have one more gift to give! Read on and discover how to prolong the life of all your treasured family heirlooms.


Well before storage, caring for fine ornaments and decorations starts with where you choose to display them. Try to make sure that little to no direct sunlight shines on any painted glass so that the colours in their pigments remain vibrant for years to come. Place all your fragile pieces at lofty heights to ensure that kids and furry friends won’t be tempted to play with or nibble on them.

Collector Tips: If you have a pet that loves to climb, move tables and chairs away from your Christmas tree or wherever you display painted glass pieces. Make sure you hang glass ornaments and place any fragile decorations and figurines well out of reach of little fingers. 


When cleaning and polishing delicate glass pieces, always use a gentle touch as you wipe or dab them with a soft, dry cotton cloth. Moisture of any kind will damage the water-based paints and lacquers used to decorate glass, stone resin, or wood, so keep glass cleaners, solvents, and even plain water well away.

Collector Tip: Use soft, small paint brushes or makeup brushes to remove dust and keep your finest textured ornaments sparkling.


Accidents happen, and fragile things are especially susceptible. Use a PVA or non-toxic glue for minor repairs. You can easily wipe off any excess and start over if you make mistakes. For repairs requiring a stronger adhesive, you may have to explore hot glue, super glue, or other bonding agents.

Steer clear of trying to touch up chipped and scratched paint. You’re unlikely to match the colour and will likely draw even more attention to the defect. Instead, let these imperfections add to the character of the ornament and the memories you associate with it.

Collector Tip: Keep old hooks, caps, and other small ornament parts. Should you ever need replacements, you’ll always have a ready supply.


Location: The type of glass used to make beautiful ornaments prefers moderate temperatures and dry environments. Garages, attics, and basements simply will not do. Find a place on a main floor in your home where you can better control the temperature.

Collector Tip: A cupboard in a study or a wardrobe in a guest bedroom provide perfect storage spaces.

Containers: Collectors are divided on how best to store glass. Opinions quite literally separate the passionate into a few different, well, boxes. Some people swear by plastic containers. Others shun them and advocate for wood or metal options. Cardboard boxes can do the job, but only if they’re stacked carefully and inserts or dividers are used to fortify them. Wherever you stand on the issue of storage, you can’t go wrong if you use sturdy containers with tight-fitting lids.

Collector Tip: Stack boxes containing decorations made of glass and other delicate materials above boxes holding less breakable items.

Wrapping: Getting to the heart of the matter now! Free from chemicals and dyes that can cause discolouration, the best material for wrapping treasured glassware of any kind is acid-free tissue paper. High-quality white paper towels and cotton batting also work well. Line storage containers with tea towels, linen sheets, bubble wrap, or more paper to provide even more protection.

Did you know? —Some devoted collectors even use cotton gloves when handling glass ornaments to prevent the oils found on hands from coming into contact with their prized possessions?

Collector Tip: Since ornaments are rarely square, egg cartons and other oddly-shaped containers offer great storage solutions. Fill resealable plastic bags with air to cushion any wrapped ornaments within and provide extra ‘pillowing’ in a larger box.

When you use our tips to take all the guesswork out of caring for your collection of glass ornaments and precious decorations, you'll preserve their beauty and nostalgia for generations to come.

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