Recreating our Australiana Christmas Tree

Each year Australian flowers and foliage have become a popular accessory for stylists and decorators. So, it’s not surprising to see them used in Christmas decorating. The subtle colours found in Australian wildflowers perfectly match the current interior trend colours like blush pink and sage green.

With the popularity of botanical themes there are many faux Australian flowers now available. For the Christmas Elves tree I chose four. The deep pink of the waratha, the eucalypt spray, and the sculptural protea (not strictly Australian but commonly found here). Clusters of purple seed pods also complement the overall look.

We couldn’t resist adding a bit of ‘traditional’ Christmas decorating so glass baubles in a pale green are interspersed throughout the tree. In its execution the tree looks quite random but look closer and repetition occurs, just like nature!

If you would like to recreate this look or incorporate a little of style, here is the list of products we used:

6 Foot Smoky Mountain Christmas Tree

400pc Connectable LED Fairy Lights - Warm White

Purple Eucalyptus Gum Nuts - 59cm

Brown Flowering Eucalyptus Seed

Red Pin Cushion Flower - 62cm

Gem Leaf Glass Ornament - 10cm

Pack of 6 Dark Green Baubles - 80mm