New alphabet letter range - Enchanting Disney Collection

The Enchanting Disney collection has released an alphabet series - the letters mostly feature Disney characters with names that either begin with that letter, or share a phonetically similar sound within their name.

Enchanting Disney Alphabet Letter Collection

Featuring all twenty-six letters of the alphabet, the new Enchanting Disney Alphabet items features a different character from one of Disney’s best-loved films at the base of the figurine. 

For example, the letter ‘A’ features the curious little girl who fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland — Alice. Whereas the letter ‘T’ depicts the fairy who loves to sprinkle fairy dust and play with Peter Pan – Tinker Bell, from Peter Pan.

Each letter is made from resin and is presented in a pale cream shade. The Disney characters are then offset against this neutral tone in their full-colour — jumping right out of the movie.

Measuring 7cm and retailing $16.95 each, the Enchanting Disney Alphabet Letter figurines are great gifts to give for a new born baby, as well as making lovely items for them to buy when decorating their own child’s room at home.

Each letter of the Enchanting Disney Alphabet is available to from Christmas Elves website or Baby's First website from July 2019.

The Disney Letters available are:

  • DISNEY LETTER "A" - Alice in Wonderland
  • DISNEY LETTER "B" - Bambi
  • DISNEY LETTER "C" - Cheshire Cat
  • DISNEY LETTER "D" - Dumbo
  • DISNEY LETTER "E" - Baby Elephant
  • DISNEY LETTER "F" - Flower
  • DISNEY LETTER "G" - Tinker Bell
  • DISNEY LETTER "H" - Tweedle Dee
  • DISNEY LETTER "I" - Mowgli
  • DISNEY LETTER "J" - Jiminy Cricket
  • DISNEY LETTER "K" - King Louie
  • DISNEY LETTER "L" - Lady
  • DISNEY LETTER"M" - Marie
  • DISNEY LETTER "N" - Nala
  • DISNEY LETTER "O" - Baloo
  • DISNEY LETTER "P" - Pinocchio
  • DISNEY LETTER "Q" - Queen of Hearts
  • DISNEY LETTER "R" - Rolly
  • DISNEY LETTER "S" - Simba
  • DISNEY LETTER "T" - Tramp
  • DISNEY LETTER "U" - Thumper
  • DISNEY LETTER "V" - Cruella De Vil
  • DISNEY LETTER "W" - White Rabbit
  • DISNEY LETTER "X" - Peter Pan
  • DISNEY LETTER "Y" - Timothy Q Mouse
  • DISNEY LETTER "Z" - Zazu