Meet the Elf Series: Ornaments Exclusive to Christmas Elves

Elf Series Exclusive Collection by Christmas Elves

Your Christmas Elves search the world over for the best festive season ornaments, collectibles, and décor. We’re especially interested in unique and exclusive products that you won’t find in every shopping centre or high street. So, imagine our joy when we realised that the perfect idea for a new exclusive collectible range was right in front of us the whole time!

The Christmas Elves Elf Series features the illustrated characters that adorn our website, star in our commercials, and appear on our social media channels. For of our most popular mascots take the spotlight in our first ever collectible release. Let’s meet the personalities that inspired this year’s adorable Elf Series ornaments!

Designer Elf

Designer Elf Ornament 7cm – Elf Series         

About me:

  • What I love most about Christmas: Designing new collections and decorating, of course!
  • Favourite colour: Christmas pink, a shade somewhere between pastel pink and fairy floss pink.
  • Hobbies: drawing, baking, and riding reindeer
  • I don’t go anywhere without: My camera. The most unlikely things can awaken my creativity, and I want to be ready.

Top Christmas Tips for 2022:

  • Make Christmas your own. Try matching unexpected colours like pink, blue, or even purple with traditional green, gold, red, and silver.
  • Decorate at least one room or area in a unified theme. If you’re not sure where to start, you’ll find inspiration in our Collections.

The head of the Decorating Depart at Christmas Elves HQ, Designer Elf loves bringing beautiful visions of Christmas to life. She uses her natural sense of style and artistic flair to create looks and concepts decidedly ahead of the trends. She’s passionate about adding sparkle to the holiday season. However you want to decorate, Designer Elf will help you find everything you need to harness the magic of Christmas. This year, she has personally curated several new collections so that lovers of all things festive can easily find what works well together, assemble new looks, and discover the latest offerings from favourite brands.

When we approached Designer Elf and asked her if she wanted an ornament version of herself added to the Elf Series, she demanded complete creative control. (We were secretly hoping she would do just that!) Designer Elf planned the ornament’s overall look, choosing signature items from her wardrobe and outlining the hair and makeup styling.

She wears her chic workday ensemble: an emerald pencil skirt with a traditional elvish hem and a bow reminiscent of a vintage bustle, a ‘Christmas pink’ blouse with capped sleeves and white collar, pink and white striped tights, a pink elf cap with a. green brin and fairy floss pink pom, green gift bow earrings, and pink kitten heel elf shoes. Her wavy strawberry blond hair frames her beaming face and complements her striking green eyes. This miniature 7cm Designer Elf holds the one think she feels that everyone should have other their tree at Christmas – a glittery bauble!

Light Up Elf

Light Up Elf Ornament 6.5cm – Elf Series        

About me:

  • What I love most about Christmas: Lights! Seeing homes, shops, streets, and squares lit up for the holiday fills me with a warm glow.
  • Favourite colour: Red! – No, green! Wait: blue! Or maybe yellow…
  • Hobbies: collecting fairy lights, adding to my Lemax holiday village, and running
  • I don’t go anywhere without: a Connectable Ready power adapter and solar panel. With those, I can hang my favourite lights nearly anywhere and make the world a brighter, merrier place.

Top Christmas Tips for 2022:

  • Go solar with Connectable Ready and give the planet the gift of sustainability. The large 13cm x 7cm solar panel powers up to 600 LED lights.
  • String up some battery-powered lights where power points are scarce. They’re great for shelves, sideboards, mantelpieces, and windows. Best of all, you can go green by using rechargeable batteries!

Always looking for new ways to light up the world around him, Light Up Elf often gets wrapped up in his work – sometimes literally. He possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of Christmas lighting and has dedicated himself to investigating the lowest cost, eco-friendly ways to operate Christmas lights. He loves our summertime holiday season because the abundant sunlight means that everyone can power their lights with clean, efficient solar energy.

This 6.5cm ornament perfectly captures Light Up Elf’s personality. He has given up trying to figure out how to avoid getting tangled up in lights. Instead, they’ve become his trademark accessory. Underneath all the colourful light globes, he wears a red jacket with yellow cuffs and hem, along with a matching cap and shoes. He greets you with a smile, and his kind green eyes radiate warmth. Light Up Elf believes that the world has two types of people: friends and friends you haven’t yet met.

Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus Ornament 9cm – Elf Series        

About me:

  • What I love most about Christmas: Everything! Time spent with loved ones, holiday music, lights, presents, decorations… But, if I had to pick just the one thing, dear, it would have to be the special food we serve at Christmastime.
  • Favourite colour: Green. Evergreen, to be precise.
  • Hobbies: baking magical gingerbread cookies that come to life, trying out new recipes, and Pilates
  • I don’t go anywhere without: My glasses. One must always watch where one is going.

Top Christmas Tips for 2022:

  • Use Christmas-themed tableware. I find it really makes a difference. Plus, a beautifully set table always leads to a wonderful meal.
  • Infuse your home with the scents of Christmas by using candles, scented decorations, and essential oils. No one can resist the aroma of cinnamon, gingerbread, pine, cedar, and vanilla. They instantly evoke happy holiday memories. The only thing to remember is that ‘less is more’: one fragrance per room, and never have them all going at once.

We were delighted that Mrs Claus agreed to be part of the Elf Series because she truly is the unsung hero of Christmas. Everybody knows that Santa would struggle without her support, especially on Christmas Eve. However, who do you think takes care of all the elves so they can do their jobs so expertly? – That’s right: Mrs Claus! She and her staff keep the hardworking elves of the North Pole clothed, fed and feeling nurtured all year round.

Mrs Claus wears a long holly berry red coat with white cuffs and hem over a full-length forest green dress with moss green piping at its hem and matching mittens. Famed for her baking talents, Mrs Claus works wonders in the kitchen with the magic of Christmas. The gingerbread man on her plate looks as though he’s about to take his first steps.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Ornament 9cm – Elf Series    

About me:

  • What I love most about Christmas: Riding through the sky in my sleigh and delivering presents all over the world.
  • Favourite colour: Red, of course!
  • Hobbies: training reindeer, designing toys, reading, and boxing
  • I don’t go anywhere without: My coat. It keeps me warm and has plenty of pockets to store the snacks I need to keep working all Christmas Eve night.

Top Christmas Tips for 2022:

  • Set aside time for special traditions with your family. Trim a tree together, cook together, sing carols… If you don’t have special Christmas traditions, now’s the time to build them.
  • Spread Christmas cheer with a simple smile.
  • Give yourself the gift of rest. It’s better than anything you’ll find under your tree.

You won’t find a bigger fan of the season than Santa Claus. The ‘man with the bag’ feels just as excited about this year’s Christmas as he did on his first Christmas centuries ago. As you’d expect, delivering presents on Christmas Eve give him the greatest joy, but he also treasures quiet moments, too. Whether sharing a cup of cocoa by the fire with Mrs Claus, feeding carrots to his reindeer, or sharing a laugh with the elves, Santa loves every bit of the holidays.

Always humble, Santa said he felt flattered to be a part of the Elf Series. The 9cm ornament features the big fella dressed in his iconic contemporary red suit but with green mittens that match those worn by Mrs Claus. His gentle eyes are filled with mirth, and he looks as though he’s about to belt out a hearty ‘Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!’

We’re so excited about the amazing Elf Series possibilities. For starters, look out for yearly releases of new character ornaments just in time for Christmas. And, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be issuing Elf Series enamel pins in 2023 – perfect for stocking stuffers and kris kringle gifts!

Elf Series Exclusive Collection by Christmas Elves

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