Lemax’s 2022 Collection Will Wrap You Up In Sugar, Spice, plus a little Spooky Fun

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You know that feeling you have when a parcel arrives that you’ve waited ages for? – Well, imagine if that ‘parcel’ were an entire container of the latest products from your favourite mini holiday village creator. When it shows up, you’d dance like nobody’s watching!

Here at Christmas elves HQ, we’re dancing, leaping, and doing backflips because Lemax’s 2022 Collection has arrived! Get ready to be swept up in the magic of two holidays with new season Christmas and Halloween collectibles, lighted buildings, facades, table accents, figurines, and accessories. – What are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Sights and Sounds

Santa's Rooftop BashThe Yuletide ExpressFriendly Forest Clockworks

Music, movement, merriment, mirth… Sights and Sounds tickles the imagination. Arguably the most anticipated products Lemax offers, these immersive scenes transport you to fantastical realms where anything is possible. We simply must attend Santa’s Rooftop Bash this Christmas Eve. Joyful elves, prancing reindeer, dancing snowmen – this is one swinging soirée! Wanna come with us? Just hop on the Yuletide Express. Take it to the fourth stop on the line, past the Grand Carousel, the Friendly Forest Clockworks, the Chocolatier Truffle Factory, and the Christmas Cheer Bottling Company. See you there! (With bells on!)

We can’t show up to the party empty-handed, so let’s swing by the Christmas Cheer Bottling Company on the way. They bottle all the festive bevvies you could ever need. As the bottles revolve and rotate, the workmen bustle about, carefully stacking crates to keep all that bottled Christmas cheer safe and sound.

How about grabbing a bite to eat before the party? Top Pizza bakes the best Chicago-style deep dish pies around. When they’re open, the larger-than-life pizza sign spins like it’s doing now. Looks like Sam’s hard at work tossing dough to fulfill all the orders that come in on a Friday night. We could grab a few slices from the lazy susan in the window, btu ordering a full pie will be worth the wait.

Lighted Buildings

North Pole Control TowerSanta's Stratospheric ObservatoryWinterfest Arts and Crafts Show

Lemax’s most popular offerings, lighted buildings form the foundation of every type of miniature village. We’re so fond of their warm glow and cheery scenes. In fact, we’re planning an entirely new neighbourhood full of this year’s editions. Set on the outskirts of town, the elves at the North Pole Control Tower work diligently to make sure the friendly skies are even friendlier on Christmas Eve. A little further down the road, Santa’s Stratospheric Observatory keeps everyone posted, should any snowstorms approach. Back towards the village, you’ll find something for the elf who has everything at the Winterfest Arts and Crafts Show.

Lemax Papa's Pasta PlaceLemax The Christmas Supply LoftLemax Unplugged Games

Businesses run by generations of families line the streets in the Village Square. At Papa’s Pasta Place, papa himself still manages the kitchen. Though the restaurant welcomes walk-ins, they do recommend bookings, especially if you want the special table at the front, next to the picture window that looks out on the square. Today’s special, fettuccine alfredo, is our favourite. Shall we pop in and see if we can score a table?

A few doors down from Papa’s, a snowman and a nutcracker welcome customers to The Christmas Supply Loft. Pay them a visit any time of the year and prepare to discover a land of Christmas wonder. They sell everything a family needs for an unforgettable holiday celebration.

Everyone wins when we unplug and spend screen-free time with loved ones. And Unplugged Games is the place to shop for board and card games of all kinds. Nestled in a laneway just off the Square, dice, dominoes, board game pieces, and two unicorn busts cover this very ‘Instagrammable’ building’s façade. Join in on one of their weekly game nights and you’ll meet a very welcoming gaming community.


'Tis the Season ShopsAlpine Winter Shops

Christmas high street shopping at its finest. After buying a little something for everyone on your list at Noelle’s Christmas Cubby in the 'Tis the Season Shops, sashay over to the Wine Bar and enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple. Heading to the mountains for a guaranteed white Christmas? Check into your chalet, then hop on over to the Alpine Winter Shops and hire your gear so you can hit the slopes in style. When the day is done, sip soothing Schnapps at the Alpine Saloon.

If you wake up a little sore from the slopes, join the epicureans at Ye Olde Cobblestone Road. Trust us, you’ll want to shop first before kicking back at Nick’s Craft Beers. They let you bring in food from the surrounding shops to much on as you sip their lagers and ales. Buy hard and soft cheeses from The Cheese Wheel. They also sell pâté, antipasti, and savoury biscuits. Next, traipse over to Belle’s Bon Bons for the finest handmade artisan truffles and chocolates. To enjoy it all, you only need to climb a single set of stairs to get to Nick’s. Tell your groaning leg muscles you have a treat in store for them and you should be just fine.

Table Accents

No 1 Elf LaneNo 2 Elf LaneNo 3 Elf Lane

Tap into Lemax’s truly whimsical side with table accents. In the North Pole’s most desirable neighbourhood, the four quaint cottages on Elf Lane hold a rustic charm that’s uniquely elvish. Over on confection Court, short-term rental Peppermint Cottage gives off a cosy vibe, just as advertised.

There certainly was quite a bit of magic in that old top hat they found! Jane and John could hardly believe their eyes when their humble snowman suddenly transformed into Frosty. Fido was a little frightened at first, but he quickly warmed to his new snowy friend. Poised to pirouette, Frosty shows off his graceful side as he dances on ice. What a wonderful winter they shared!

Lemax Frosty Says Hi!Lemax The Festive OutdoorsLemax Santa Express

This family has decided to celebrate a sustainable Christmas and embrace The Festive Outdoors this holiday season. Along with their tent and camping gear, they’ve brought gifts wrapped in recyclable paper and solar lights so they can trim the pine tree that shelters their tent.

Gang way, polar bears! Santa rides his motorbike to visit the elves at his workshop every morning. Today, he invited one daring elf to ride the Santa Express in a brand new sidecar. From the look on the elf’s face, we think this will be the first and final time he rides in anything but a reindeer-powered sleigh.

No 4 Elf LanePeppermint CottageFrosty Goes Ice Skating

Shining Bright

All Lemax’s light-up pieces, both great and small, can draw power thanks to either an individual adapter or a socket-saving triple adapter. Want to save even more space and light up plenty of pieces? – Use this string of four moonlander LED lights. Some smaller pieces can run on three AA batteries as well as an AC adapter. You can trust Lemax because none of their products sold at Christmas Elves use button batteries.


Crafty ElvesVictorian SleighBuilding a Snowman

All sorts of colourful characters dwell in a Lemax village community. This crew of Crafty Elves loves making decorations as much as they do toys. When the snow falls, this family opts for a Victorian-era sleigh rather than trying to take on the roads in their car. Frosty won’t be the only snowman in the village this year because Mr Elf and his penguin mate have built Frosty a special friend.

Lemax Santa Claus FigurineLemax Mrs Claus CookiesLemax Hot Chocolate to GoLemax Under the Mistletoe (Set of 2)

Lemax’s Santa and Mrs Claus figurines show an endearing side of this famous couple. In Hot Chocolate to Go, Mrs Claus gives Santa a warm cup of his favourite beverage and hurries him out the door. There’s no time to change the list now. It’s Christmas Eve and he needs to get moving. After a good night’s work and a great year’s efforts, Santa gives the elves and reindeer the rest of the year off. Then, he and Mrs Claus celebrate a quiet holiday all by themselves. They eat a nice meal and exchange a few small gifts before cuddling by the fire. Under the Mistletoe shows Santa surprising his beloved, and the two share the sort of romantic moment that all couples treasure at Christmastime.


Jolly Joyride CarolsSanta's Here with GiftsHolly Hat Snowmen (Set of 2)

Every village needs those little details that bring it to life. The ultimate drive-time-sing-along, Jolly Joyride Carols always drives responsibly and sticks resolutely to the speed limit. Brighten street corners and front lawns or create Christmas art installations with light-up Santa’s Here and the Holly Hat Snowmen duo. Every town square needs a Christmas tree to radiate seasonal cheer to passers-by. Scatter these pine trees of various sizes throughout your snowy hamlet.

Spooky Town

Agatha's ApothecaryCrypt of the Lost Pumpkin SoulsHelga's Hats

Beware all ye who enter here, where it’s Halloween every day of the year! From ‘spooktacular’ sights to ‘fangtastical’ figurines, unearth haunting frights and delights in Spooky Town’s 2022 rangeAgatha’s Apothecary doles out frighteningly potent potions. That must be why so many of her patients end up in the Crypt of Lost Pumpkin Souls. Look like a local with just one visit to Helga’s Hats. When you attend the Graveyard Costume Party, stay away from the Fearsome Flowers. Mind your step when you head home! The Spooky Victorian Hearse stops for no-one.

Graveyard Costume PartySpooky Victorian HearseFearsome Flowers

Looking for even more from Lemax? Visit our our special Lemax Christmas Villages site and Witches of Halloween.

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The Grand CarouselOutdoor Holiday Christmas TreeMrs Claus' Kitchen