Get Cracking and Celebrate Easter Magic

Easter Decorations

March already? That means it’s time to get cracking because Easter arrives early this year!

Here in Australia, our four-day Easter weekend begins on 29 March, Good Friday. Everyone will sit down for Easter lunches (or barbecues) on 31 March, Easter Sunday. The holiday wraps up on 1 April, Easter Monday. (Unless you're in Tasmania, and you get an extra day, lucky ducks!)

Here at Christmas Elves and Easter Town, it’s no worries and happy hops aplenty. We have the some egg decorations that everybunny needs this year. No need to go hunting for help. Read on as we celebrate Easter magic and share our fuss-free tips for an egg-cellent holiday. OK, no more easter puns.

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Easter Home

Everyone knows that Easter magic starts at home, so let’s begin by decorating outdoors before moving inside.

Get the entire neighbourhood into the spirit with colourful Easter inflatables: the must-have bunny in basket, the cute bunny with eggs, and the quirky rainbow bunny arch. Set up your inflatables in your front yard away from trees and shrubs that could snag and puncture them.

Next, position a few Easter ‘stop’ stakes: one near the letterbox, one to either side of any inflatable decorations, and one near the veranda.

Peaches and Cream Paper Egg Wreath (Second from right. Others sold separately. Links below.)

Welcome your guests to your home with beautiful Easter wreaths. Our favourites for the front door are the pastel egg and wooden bunny wreaths. Because they are more delicate, the peaches and cream, tulip, and apricot floral wreaths are better suited to indoor entertaining areas. We suggest at least one indoor and one outdoor wreath. Adorn them with wooden bunny hanging decorations, carrot drops, and woodland bunny pendants.

Affix festive wall plaques along the hall and on bedroom doors. In the kitchen, hang or prop up wooden ‘nibble the carrots’ and ‘Happy Easter’.

Moving on to the lounge and dining rooms now, and here's where we get really festive. Run carrot, butterfly pastel, and prelit egg garlands along doorframes, mantlepieces, window frames, and bookshelves.

You’ll want a bevy of bunnies to place atop tables and shelves in these two rooms, too. We love the rustic, homespun feel of jute and sisal bunnies. –And who can resist this fella in his carrot coupé? If your décor calls for white bunnies, these light-up bunnies and multicolour dressed bunnies. Create delightful displays with your bunnies by pairing up figurines and adding floristry accessories in vignettes. (Keep reading for more on that in the Easter Tree and Easter Table sections below.)

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Easter Tree

You’ve spread Easter cheer throughout your home, so it’s time to set up your Easter tree. We heartily recommend prelit white birch trees. However, natural trees with moss-flocked limbs look gorgeous, as well. If you don't have tree, you can also position a small branch – which you found on the ground and cleaned – in a heavy vase. (Use foam blocks and rocks to secure the branch.) Since the trees stand 120cm and 108cm tall respectively, place them on a sturdy table or sideboard in the lounge or dining room away from high traffic areas.

Decorate your tree as you would a Christmas tree, by draping string ornaments before hanging ones. Start with a strand or two of Easter egg garland. There are two to choose from, polka dots and stripes or vintage scenes. Then, cut a few lengths of Easter ribbon from this roll of 14 different styles to weave through the branches.

When it comes to ornaments, think eggs by the dozen.

Next, hang a handful of stone resin ‘keepsake’ ornaments among the eggs:

Lastly, clip on a few glass chicks for a new texture and bright yellow accents.

You’ve trimmed your tree, but why stop there? Set up a display at the base of the tree to complete the look. You’ll need figurines and floristry.

Beaucoup Bunny Theme:

Marvellous Moss Theme:

To set up either theme, arrange your figurines in a charming vignette. Choose one as the focal point and place this closest to the tree, either to the right, left, or directly in front. Scatter a few blossoms and rocks between the figurines to link them in the display. (These concepts work well for standalone figurines, too.)

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Easter Table

Easter Sunday lunch deserves a beautiful, whimsical table set for an unforgettable feast. We’ve put together a handful of low-effort tips to help you create a dining experience with real wow factor.

Begin with a table runner. These traditional Easter styles suit most dining sets. A grassy table runner gives you the perfect backdrop for more decorations, like bunnies and chicks. Roll out a green moss runner for fairytale-inspired scene.

Next, choose your centrepiece. We love using baskets, wreaths, hats, and table décor as focal points.

Basket Centrepiece: Select a decorative basket, such as a daisy basket or Bethany Lowe’s large papier mâché basket. Then, construct a floristry display that fills the basket and spills onto the table. We adore magnolias paired with chick, egg, and carrot picks. Add a butterfly (or two) for a delicate finishing touch.

Wreath Centrepiece: Both the pastel egg and apricot floral wreaths work wonderfully here. Simply lie them down in the centre or at regular intervals down the length of the table. Accessorise the wreath with floristry as outlined above or with mossy flocked bunnies, moss balls (12cm, 15cm, and 22cm), moss eggs, or more pastel eggs.

Hat Centrepiece: Display jute and Easter parade top hats on the table so that each place setting shares a hat with its opposite neighbour. Arrange figurines, eggs, and floristry around each hat. You can even scatter a few chocolate eggs if you can trust everyone to leave them until after lunch is served.

Décor Centrepiece: If you collect pieces by Katherine’s Collection and Mark Roberts, give them pride of place on your table. Katherine’s Happy Easter Basket with Chicks and Enchanted Bunny and Mark Roberts’ Vintage Rabbit Easter Carriage Set beg to be singled out and appreciated for their craftsmanship and beauty.

Naturally, this occasion calls for themed homewares, too, including napkins, tea towels, Peter Rabbit die-cut plates, and shiny Pembroke bunny salt and pepper shakers.

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Hunt Egg-citement!

Everyone loves an Easter egg hunt. Take it from us, if you have children – or loved ones who are ‘young at heart’ – you know that this essential event transforms a lazy afternoon into a fun-filled festive egg-stravaganza. Here are our three simple, foolproof steps to planning the perfect hunt.

  1. Set it up right. You need signs, the wackier the better, and lots of them. Colourful signs allow you to create a quirky atmosphere and mislead the hunters. Plus, they provide interesting hiding ‘in plain sight’ options. Place this whimsical wooden sign in the centre of your garden. Then put up all the smaller signs in this pack at odd angles, pointing them in all directions. Lastly, lay out several sets of bunny footprints. Make sure some sets lead to prizes while others lead the hunters astray. When everyone is ready to start, give them a set of glitter glasses with bunny ears and a Peter Rabbit party bag or a fluffy chick basket to hold their treats.
  2. Decorate Happy. Tie lengths of Easter ribbon on signs, shrubs, and tree branches. Place chicks in pot plants and among flower beds and a few bunnies on garden benches and chairs.
  3. Get goodies they’ll treasure. Of course you’ll hide sweet treats, but include some small gifts that last longer. Bubble tubes, ‘hatch-it’ eggs, bunny waterballs, and Easter earrings all make great unexpected additions to the usual individually wrapped chocolates and lollies.

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Easter Gifts

Make their day extra magical with Easter-themed gifts that will remind them of the celebration you’ve shared. Seasonal décor such as bunny boxes by Mark Roberts, mini bunny eggs by Jim Shore, cream and gold duck figurines, and silver ceramic egg boxes will become cherished keepsakes.

If you need gifts for infants and toddlers, look no further than the Peter Rabbit Easter Basket and Garden playsets and other products inspired by the works of Beatrix Potter. Littlies will also love Lily the Bunny and this adorable rabbit by Glitzy Tots.

Our pick for the season? –These hopping plush bunnies in white and fawn. They will be a hit!

Save the gift wrapping for Christmas and package your presents in Easter bunny gift bags. –And remember, you can always pick up a few gift cards if you're not sure what to buy. We've got you covered from all angles.

Time to hop to it! We hope we’ve helped inspire you and given you ideas for magical Easter celebrations with your family and friends. Easter will be here before you know it, so we should let you get cracking...

Happy decorating! Christmas Elves are social elves! Post photos of your displays to Instagram and tag us: @christmas_elves_ or #christmas_elves_ or @easter_town_

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