Follow That Rabbit! Our ‘Eggcellent’ 2023 Easter Collection

Follow that rabbit! Travel down the rabbit hole with us and explore our ‘eggcellent’ 2023 Easter Collection. You’ll find everything you need to create a cracking celebration. From rabbit royalty to captivating carrot décor and exquisite eggs, we have a warren full of decorations and gifts to show you. Keep reading to discover pieces we know will make your ears perk up, as well as a theme for an Easter egg hunt you’ll go mad for. Don't be late for your important date with Eastertime magic!

Beautiful Bunnies

Since 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac, we thought we’d start with a fluffle of the most adorable bunnies we’ve ever had in a collection. (A herd of bunnies is called a ‘fluffle’. –Isn’t that darling?)

Marching Rabbit with Easter Eggs 34cmBlossom with Balloon 60cmFawn Long Eared Sitting Bunny 37cm

Hippity-hop! Covered in plush flocking with vivid floral panels in his ears, this 34cm tall marching bunny has only three more eggs to hide. We hope he doesn’t drop any! Speaking of plush, these fawn bunnies just beg to be cuddled. Both wear flowers in their fluffy fur and hold authentic rabbity poses. Blossom the Bunny has a cute factor that’s impossible to deny. Here to share smiles and spread joy to everyone she meets, Blossom stands 60cm tall. She wears a floral tiara and has more flowers in her basket to share. Her porcelain head is hand painted and covered with cocoa flocking. Welcome Blossom into your home and heart this Easter and keep her on display all year long.

Woodland Bunny 30cmWoodland Duck 34cmRabbit Pendant 60cm

Decorating with muted colours and rustic textiles remains decidedly on-trend as a wonderful alternative to the vibrant colours commonly associated with Easter. We’ve fallen in love with mossy flocking and can’t imagine decorating for Easter without it. These three pieces pair perfectly with soft pastels and brighter colours alike. Position woodland moss bunnies in every room next to pot plants, vases, or in their own display. Hang the rabbit head pendant on your front door or in the foyer to greet your guests with Easter cheer. Place the woodland duck at the centre of a floral display or have him stand guard of baskets filled with chocolate eggs.

Jute Bunny with Spade 37cmJute Bunny on Bicycle 29cm

This jute bunny couple look as though they’ve stepped from the pages of a storybook. Mr Bunny works all day long tending to his carrot and radish crops. He wears a hat and coveralls to protect him from the elements and carries a spade so he can dig up fresh veggies for tea every night. Mrs Bunny rides her bicycle with twine-covered wheels to town so she can trade her carrot marmalade and radish chutney for fresh flowers and yummy lettuces.

Enchanted Bunny 47cm  Mark Roberts Vintage Carriage Set

Along with being Eastertime’s most famous mascots, bunnies also hold the magic of Easter. Follow this enchanted bunny and who knows what wonders you’ll discover. This detailed 47cm tall piece wears a floral applique garland about her neck and features a fluffy tail and ears, finely sculpted fur, and demure eyelashes.

In a hidden magical realm, rabbit royalty travel in gilded carriages pulled by giant swans. From the colourful imagination of the artisans at Mark Roberts comes this spellbinding Easter carriage set. Display these pieces together or separately to dream up boundless stories for these regal rabbits.

Mr & Mrs Cottontail 65cmBunny in Carrot Car 35cm

Mr and Mrs Cottontail always aim to find the most fashion-forward attire. This Easter, they’ve opted for a ‘more is more’ look. Both poseable figurines wear a plethora of pastel colours, ribbons, ruffles, lace, feathers, and rhinestones. They have their stylist, the Easter Basket Elfin Boy, to thank for these amazing ensembles.

Vroom! Vroom! – Who’s that speeding down the road? According to this bunny in his carrot car, hopping takes too long and more of rabbitkind will invest in carrot cars in the future. This deluxe model’s 35cm long chassis of woven jute fibres sits atop four wooden wheels. Wispy carrot fronds trail behind as the driver expertly pilots his roadster with both paws firmly on the steering wheel.

Captivating Carrot Décor

Last year it dawned on us that our favourite root vegetable was exactly what our southern hemisphere Easter decorating needed. Now, we can’t get enough carrots in our autumnal holiday displays.

Giant Carrot 68cmCarrot Drop Set of 3 38cmCarrot Spray on Stem 70cm

Use this giant carrot (68cm) as a backdrop for a large bunny display or place it centre stage, surrounding it with smaller carrots, eggs, and floristry.

These versatile carrot drops (38cm) belong on your dining table, but not as a side dish. Place them on a runner down the length of the table or hang them from the back of chairs. Beyond the dining room, attach them to mantlepieces and include them in any display. We recommend having at least three bunches of carrot drops on hand.

Cute and quirky, we drape carrot garlands along door and window frames, run them along sideboards and mantles, and weave them around lampshades – but only those that cover cool LED bulbs. These lightweight burlap spirals don’t require much support, so can be strung among the fronds and stems of houseplants, too.

Arrange carrot picks and sprays in vases either on their own or amongst generous floristry. Try green and pink velvet magnolias, purple hydrangea sprays, and green glitter curls.

For something a wee more whimsical, add chick and egg picks to your carrot creations. When combined with floristry, the surprisingly pleasant hodgepodge of traditional Easter symbols captures the spirit of Easter in its own unique way.

‘Eggs-quisite’ Eggs

While we love chocolate eggs, we think our Easter egg decorations are pretty delicious, too. Let us show you how to decorate your home with eggs from top to bottom and front to back.

Pastel Easter Egg Wreath 35cmApricot Floral Egg Wreath 26cm

Place this 35cm pastel Easter egg wreath in your foyer, entryway, or hall to welcome guests. Interspersed with tiny flowers, the lightly shimmering eggs are encircled by vinelike tendrils. We also recommend this as a table centrepiece. Simply place a candle on a dish or other heatproof plate in the centre. Our apricot floral wreath would look wonderful hanging in your lounge or dining room. Apricot and white speckled eggs mingle with wooden butterflies, feathers, flowers, leaves, twigs and vines.

The more eggs, the merrier! Fill decorative bowls, plates, and vases with loose pastel Easter eggs sold in packets of six. Dot trays of pastel glittery eggs with floristry bud accents throughout your home. Add a few baby chicks around and within the trays for a winsome touch. (Both the eggs and the chicks make great mini gifts, too.)

Pastel Eggs in TrayJim Shore Bunny Easter EggsEaster Egg Garland 2 Styles

What’s better than bunnies and Easter eggs? –Bunny eggs! Sold separately, these six delightful Jim Shore characters have their very own emblems and sweet expressions. Position them in their very own display, set them up along shelves, and give them to your loved ones as special gifts.

Easter-themed ornaments spread the magic of Eastertime wherever you choose to hang them, including from lampshades, plants, and shelves. However, in our humble opinion, there is no substitute for an Easter tree. For convenience, we use 60cm and 120cm light-up birch branches. We first wrap our tree in Easter egg garland. This year, we’ve chosen to use two different strands: one with stripes and polka dots, and the other with vintage illustrations reminiscent of beloved classic children’s books. These both complement and contrast nicely with each other and lend the tree heaps of colour.

Ladelle Ashdene Chinoiserie Ornaments Set of 3Woodland Bunny Ornaments Set of 3Easter Wishes Keepsake OrnamentEaster Beautiful Keepsake Ornament

Next, we hang egg-shaped ornaments, because we have so many of those. Our 2023 favourites, Ladelle Ashdene’s set of three chinoiserie-inspired ornaments have spellbound us with their sophisticated beauty. We then hang this set of three woodland bunny eggs with a classic illustrated look. We follow those up with different textures, like glittery retro paper and polka dot tin ornaments by Bethany Lowe. Finally, we scatter a few Easter keepsake ornaments, such as bunny-shaped ‘Easter Wishes’ and ‘Easter Plaid’, circular ‘Easter Blessings’, and of course egg-shaped ‘Easter Beautiful’. We finish off our Easter tree with a display at the base of its trunk and a few chicks among its branches. If 2023 is the first time you decide to decorate an Easter tree, we know you’ll look forward to it every year from now on. (You might even consider using the same birch branch for a Halloween tree this year, too!)

Hunt for Eggs at a Tea Party

If you’re as mad about Easter as we are, you love Easter egg hunts. We get just as excited about hiding goodies as we do searching for treats. –We might even prefer hosting hunts over participating in them! To bring extra fun and a sprinkle of magic to this time-honoured tradition, we choose a different theme every season. This year, we’re hosting a tea party.

But this isn’t an ordinary tea party – it’s a Mad Hatter’s tea party! Inspired by the hilarious scene and kooky characters from Alice in Wonderland, this party has it all: colour, costumes, and of course, confectionary. Turn a run-of-the-mill Easter egg hunt into an Easter event your family and friends will talk about for years to come with these easy to follow steps.

Mad Hatter Deluxe Girls Costume 6 to 8 YearsMad Hatter Deluxe Costume Girls 3 to 5 YearsDeluxe Mad Hatter Costume Boys 3 to 5 Years

Costumes with Character: Ask your guests to dress up as their favourite characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Need help with sourcing a costume for your egg hunters? Try our Mad Hatter deluxe costumes for girls (ages 6–8 years and 3–5 years) and boys (3-5 years). All three feature felt top hats, mock jackets with fob watch details, and quirkily colourful patterns.

Mark Roberts Easter Parade Top Hats 3 Styles 15cmFawn Hopping Bunny 23cmEaster Bunny Wooden Signs 2 Styles

Decorate Your Space: Choose indoor or outdoor, table or picnic rug, then…

  • Add heaps of hats, the more ostentatious the better! Both the Easter Bunny and the White Rabbit would heartily approve of these jute hats with bunny ears. The Mad Hatter himself would go gaga over ‘unbirthday presents’ like these mini Easter parade top hats by Mark Roberts. Place a hat at every seat or randomly scatter across a picnic rug.
  • Ready your rabbits! We recommend scattering a few soft fawn bunnies, durable mossy flocked bunnies, and plush toys from the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit range. Set out a few of our wooden Easter bunny signs, too. (They’re great for indoors and outdoors.) If you decide to set a large table, then a centrepiece featuring an enchanted bunny table piece or Blossom figurine would look stunning. Make sure you keep fragile things out of reach from little fingers.
  • Place your picks and gather your garlands. Decorate shrubbery, garden beds, shelves and pot plants to create a more immersive experience. Remember to take into account the age and size of the kids attending your party when you decorate. It’s a good idea to keep any decorations far from areas where crawling children are allowed to play.

Fluffy Bunny Basket 16.5cmFloral Daisy Basket 27cmBethany Lowe Large Easter Basket (Eggs Not Included)

Gift Baskets: Not only are baskets necessary to hold easter eggs, chocolates, lollies, and other goodies, they make great party gifts, too. Provide each child with an affordable and cute fluffy Easter bunny or chick basket. Use floral daisy baskets in displays or turn them into mini hampers for adults when you fill them with dark chocolates, truffles, dessert wine, and preserves. Bethany Lowe’s large white Easter basket would also make a magnificent centrepiece. Just imagine the displays you could create with floristry, figurines, and this gorgeous basket.

Hide all the treats! –But first, make a list of what you’re hiding. That way, you’ll know if the hunters finds everything and avoid any unpleasant surprise discoveries later. Of course, you’ll need chocolate eggs by the basketful, but we also suggest other treats, both edible and not. Consider the age group you will cater to and choose a variety of sweets, some healthier options, inexpensive toys, and perhaps a few books, too.

Pet Precaution: Keep dogs away from wherever you hide any products containing chocolate. Dogs’ tummies and chocolate do not mix.

Set Out Snacks: You have plenty of sweets for the kids, so offer a range of healthy savoury snacks and finger sandwiches. Hide a special dessert for the adults while the kids feast on the spoils of their hunt. And don’t forget to offer a generous tea selection for cuppas or tea-infused cocktails. (This is a tea party after all!) Now you can sit back and sip your brew of choice and relax until your party guests arrive…

We hope we’ve given you some ‘eggcellent’ ideas that have inspired you to plan ‘eggceptional’ displays and events for the special bunnies in your life. In fact, we’ve fluffled on for long enough. We’d better let you hop to it!

(Don't forget: there are always gift cards for those hard-to-buy-for people in your life.)

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