Feast Your Eyes On Our 2023 Featured Christmas Trees

It will come as no surprise to learn that Christmas Elves love decorating Christmas trees most of all. In 2023, our stylist elves have created a total of 13 trees – 12 for the Christmas season and one (the 13th tree, of course) for the frightfully spooky season of Halloween.

Each tree starts as one of our humble green or flocked Oncor or Black Box trees. Then, stylists plan a unique theme and use items from our range of floristry and decorations to bring that theme to life.

If you’re interested in creating trees like these, all you need to do is purchase one of our amazing artificial trees. After that, book a time to meet with one of our stylists to get guidance on which decorations to choose, as well as expert tips on how to decorate your tree.

Without any further ado, let’s explore this year’s featured Christmas trees. To see these trees in person, visit our stores at Preston and Ferntree Gully.


Drawing inspiration from legendary Australian landscape artist Fred Williams, our Australiana tree celebrates the splendour of an antipodean holiday season. Floristry in ochre, umber, russet, sage, and gold conveys the beauty of our sunburnt country. The blending of native eucalyptus and flowering gum with poinsettias and roses creates a feast for the eyes. All we want to add are koala ornaments.

Botanical Bliss

Our Botanical Bliss tree brings together the potent magics of both Christmas and Nature. Shades of green, gold, silver, and ivory transport the viewer to an idyllic woodland in late spring where tranquillity reigns. Owls hoot contentedly above as fawns nap below. Why not rest a spell and gaze upon this peaceful scene?

Deck The Halls

Seasonal abundance, elevated. Rich red, spectacular gold, and classic holiday symbols combine to create a picture-perfect storybook Christmas tree. Gift boxes, oversized baubles, and miniature stockings in sumptuous velvet evoke cosy fireside feelings. Pinecones and tinkling sleighbells conjure words and melodies from traditional Christmas songs you’ve always loved.


Spend the holiday season in the Magic Kingdom with Mickey, Minnie, and all their friends. This fanciful tree fuses the magics of Christmas and Disney by pairing plush toy versions of everyone’s favourite mouse and his missus, poinsettias, glitter curls, and plenty of polka-dotted baubles and bows. Smiles and family fun are on everyone’s list this year.

Frosted Champagne

Experience the glamour and brilliance of Christmas in a French chateau or alpine chalet. On a field of silver and gold poinsettias, gold leaf sprays, white berries, and pinecones hang white baubles, gold brocade decorations, and shiny metallic ornaments. Like an icy breeze, lengths of gauzy white ribbon weave dramatically amongst the snowy flocked branches. At the crown, a mighty stag rears his head, displaying sweeping antlers.

Garden Party

Deep within an enchanted forest, dryads take refuge within protective, nurturing trees. Our Garden Party tree incorporates a mannequin to depict the Queen of the Dryads as she emerges to greet her court. Floristry, feathered birds, and glittery baubles make up her gown. Among the boughs of the tree, butterflies flit and mossy flocked creatures doze.

Grinch by Dr Suess

Everyone’s favourite holiday humbug has seen the error of his ways and now wholeheartedly embraces the Christmas spirit. Gift boxes covered in glitter, masses of baubles in shades of green and peppermint stripes, poinsettias, and enormous bows surround plush figurines and wall decorations all wearing that trademark Grinchy grin. Look closely and you’ll spot Mr Grinch’s longsuffering canine companion, Max, peeking out from the lower branches.

Nativity: Peace On Earth

Inspired by the Nativity, our Peace on Earth tree reminds us of the true reason for the season: the birth of Jesus Christ. Large figurine representations of the magi and the Holy Family surround the base of a classic green tree laden with poinsettias in vivid red and white accentuated by longleaf, jack, and sugar pinecones. Above this lush floristry and haloed in radiant light, the Holy Family appears together, beaming down at the world below. Hallelujah.


Nutcrackers stand watch to protect the home and all we hold dear at Christmastime. Clad in splendid tartan uniforms, trusty soldiers great and small ring a tree positively wrapped in gift boxes, green and red velvet poinsettias, tendrils of gold ribbon, and sparkling butterflies. Reminiscent of the artistic traditions Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, oversized tartan decorations, such as boots, baubles, and trees make this tree truly majestic.

Pretty In Pink

Yearning for a Christmas of a different colour? – Look no further than the gleaming and oh-so-whimsical Pretty In Pink tree. Dotted among white glitter poinsettias and silver ferns, delightful pink magnolias draw the eye from base to crown and back again. Along the way, decorations with dazzling textures in subtler shades of pink reveal themselves, such as sequined baubles, glittered gift boxes, and delicate matte glass baubles. Naturally, you’ll be ‘tickled pink’.

Woodland Winter

Get swept up in the enchantment of the Frozen North. Ice-blue baubles, bows, poinsettias, and magnolias merge with shimmering silver poinsettias and fleecy snowball pendants to create a sensational snowy scene upon the flocked branches of the Woodland Winter tree. Cheeky elves sit astride fawns and frolic the day away as owls prepare to take flight, squirrels anxiously chitter, and arctic foxes settle in for the winter.


Equally macabre and marvellous, our Halloween tree spellbinds. Sinister skeletons claw their way through glistening purple and orange floristry unlike anything found in the mortal realm. –But fear not, for powerful wards prevent their escape. Pumpkins covered in menacing black spiders hang alongside baubles in shades of ‘slime green’ and ‘pitch black’. Ribbons displaying playful Halloween illustrations undulate through the branches like languid serpents. This wicked imagery will haunt your imagination long after the spooky season fades away.

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