Decorate Spookier: Halloween Magic on a Budget in 2023

Halloween Decorations at Christmas Elves!

You don’t have to sell your soul to share Halloween magic and decorate spookier. Our affordable decorating tips will show you how to treat yourself and your mates to a spooktacular scary season on a BOO-djet with a few simple tricks.

Pumpkin Profusion

Glitter Pumpkin 14cmHalloween Paper Lanterns (2 Styles)Pumpkin Glass Candle Holder 10cm

Nothing says 'Halloween!' more than a plethora of pumpkin decorations. Plant a few of these gorgeous gourds and jolly jack-o’-lanterns around your pad and you'll still have plenty of money left to buy trick-or-treat candy.

Get ‘Ghouled Up’

Little Witch Tutu & Headband SetsCoco Miguel MaskPennywise the Clown Mask

Whether you’re heading out to a party, taking the kids trick-or-treating, or summoning seasonal spirits, make your fancy dress experience extra ‘fangtastic’ with these costumes and accessories.

Little witches can brew up hilarious hocus pocus with witchy tutu and headband sets. Choose from pink web, orange web, or pink spider. Simply add a black t-shirt and leggings or a leotard and accessorise with a mini light up spinning wand.

Junior spellcasters can choose between a purple dress with a ribbon bodice or a pink version with a bodice made of spider’s webs. Pair this dress with an orange witch broom. Cackling optional, but heartily recommended!

Everyone will need trick-or-treat bags to keep all their goodies safe from the claws of little monsters.

Experienced sorceresses will bewitch mere mortals with this classic black dress, complete with trendy hat. For more millinery options, check out this sensational satin hat and a trio of fascinator hat clips.

¡Flores para los Muertos! Wear a Day of the Dead headband with one of three different skull face coverings and wander undetected throughout the spirit world. (Don’t forget a pair of matching earrings.) Kids can join in the fun when they wear a mask to look like Miguel, the beloved protagonist of Coco.

Cause a scare when you make a house call dressed as a zombie doctor. Make an even more scream-worthy statement when you add a Pennywise mask, a skull mask, or a bloody face wound tattoo.

Kooky Creepy Crawlies

Halloween Skeleton Spider 18cmHalloween Spider with Light Up Legs 70cmStretchy Rat 24cm

All things that crawl, skitter, slither, and creep come out to play during Halloween. These critters deliver maximum ‘ick’ for minimal money and suit both indoor Halloween parties and outdoor decorating. 


Hairy, eight-legged fiends will give all your visitors the heebie-jeebies. Place large spiders on bookshelves and mantlepieces or hide them behind indoor and outdoor plants. Put together a strange and scary table centrepiece around a spider with light-up features.

Bats & Rats

Even the strong will feel squeamish around these stretchy replicas of Dracula’s two favourite familiars. Give guests a fright when you perch bats on high shelves or walls and conceal rats just under couches with the tips of their noses poking out. Yikes!


What's scarier to Australians than snakes? This pair of black king cobras will set knees to knocking from first glance.

Monster Bash

Help Me Lamp 23cmPosable 60cm SkeletonWeb with 6 Spiders

Paralysed at the thought of hosting your goon squad this Halloween? –Face your fears armed with our frightfully frugal party planning tips.

  1. Shut the front door. –And make everyone ring this spooky cyclops doorbell to enter.
  2. Make sure everyone knows that there’s no turning back. Affix this motion activated ‘Help Me!’ lamp indoors or out, on the ceiling or the wall.
  3. Deck the walls of your haunt with ‘eek-ceptional’ packets of wall decals, including bloody handprints, bugs, ‘Turn Back Now’, and ‘Happy Halloween’ assortments.
  4. Sling webs around the house on tables, walls, shelves, windows – everywhere! Get caught up in styles with one spider, six spiders, or made of purple tinsel. Scatter clusters of flies, glitter spiders, and glow in the dark spiders across the wicked web you’ve woven.
  5. Keep your guests company with posable 60cm and 95cm skeletons in each room.
  6. Set a terror-ific table. Drape a bloody tablecloth and weigh it down with web placemats. Fill googly eye bowls with snacks. Heap treats in candy buckets and pumpkin baskets. Serve pungent punch in googly eye tumblers. Strew a few severed hands and other body parts to ensure everyone loses their appetite.
  7. Lastly, hang a Halloween banner across the centre of the lounge. Put ‘Monster Mash’ on repeat and get ready to party like an undead rockstar.

Now that we've shared all our cost-conscious 'scream-sational' Halloween secrets with you, your Christmas Elves wish you and your coven a happy haunted Halloween!

Severed Hand (2 Styles)Googly Eyes Bowls & TumblersSpider Web Placemats 43cm (2 Styles)

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