Decorate Like a Pro with Christmas Elves Collections

Christmas Elves Collections

Christmas Elves Collections help you decorate like a pro. To give you a helping hand, our expert stylists grouped all the products they used to create the custom made Christmas trees and decorating concepts you’ve seen in store and on Instagram. With these curated collections, you can shop the look, discover new products from your favourite brands, and even learn secret 'elf insider' decorating tips and trends all in one place.

Grinch Collection

The Grinch

Merry Grinchmas! Whoever would have thought that Whoville’s nemesis would turn out to the holiday antihero he is today? The topsy-turvy world of Dr Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! continues to captivate young and old decades after its initial publication in 1957.

Deck your halls like a true-blue Who with this selection of items from our grotto of Grinch greatness. We have plenty of officially licensed merchandise, from table pieces to figurines to ornaments and more. But wait: we’ve taken the Grinchy theme further by pairing those with beautiful baubles and fantastic floristry in red, white, and green, of course. Somebody tell Cindy Lou to set us a place so we can join the feast on roast beast with the rest of the Whos, because we’re diving headlong into ‘Grinchtasticness’!

The Grinch Checks His List 23cm

We love every bit of the Grinch’s redemption story. Celebrated artist Jim Shore perfectly captures the moment the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes larger in the stunning stone resin light up table piece, The Grinch Carved by Heart. To the delight of the residents of Whoville (especially little Cindy Lou), the Grinch and Max, his faithful dog, have returned everything they stole on Christmas Eve. No longer ‘a mean one’, Mr Grinch checks his list to make sure everyone receives all their presents and goodies as he visits every house in the village.

Grinch Acrylic Figurine 10cmDr Suess Grinch Naughty List Light Up Musical Lantern 24.5cm

We all remember the Grinch when he was ‘cuddly as a cactus’, and we must confess that we always thought he was kind of cute. Just look how cheeky he was! This 10cm acrylic faceted figurine depicts him with deviously clasped hands and a mischievous furrowed brow as he plots and schemes. Declaring ‘I am the naughty list!’, the old humbug stands at the centre of a musical light up lantern and grins as a flurry of glitter swirls all around him.

Grinch Naughty Nice Double Sided Ornament 23cmGreen Sequin Bauble 10cmLime Green Poinsettia on Clip 18cm

The Grinch-themed tree was a real hit in our Preston store. Now you, too, can add ‘Grinchly’ touches to your own tree with ornaments like this double-sided naughty or nice Jim Shore creation. Choose which side to display to reflect your day to day mood. Strew ample amounts of redwhite, and green sequin baubles from top to bottom. Finally, clip on copious red and green poinsettia blossoms.

Animal Magic Collection

Animal Magic

Woodland scenes and furry animals hold a special kind of holiday charm. The Animal Magic Collection pairs creatures great and small with forest elves and rustic floristry touches. Picture yourself in a cosy cabin where Christmas is celebrated in winter. You’re sitting snuggled up in your favourite chair near a frosted window and looking out upon a clear, bright morning. As you sip on a nice hot cuppa, you sigh contentedly as you watch the world awaken. You hear squirrels chitter excitedly as they search for acorns. The scent of the gingerbread biscuits you baked last night lingers. Gazing at the trees, you idly wonder whether elves still call these woods home…

Grey Cream Owl in Tree Log 31cmWhite Sequin Wing Owl 53cmWooden Bristle Owl 24cm

Often associated with magic, owls both wise and wonderful soar through the trees from dusk to dawn before heading home to roost. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the Queen of the Owls gliding through the moonlit sky this Christmas.

Brown Wooden Bristle Racoon with Fur Tail 21cmFluffy Brown Squirrel 23cmGrey Textured Wooden Hedgehog 14cm

Later in the morning, you decide to go on a short hike. Upon entering a clearing, you hear a rustling and – what luck! – you spy an adorable, cuddly trio squeaking and chattering excitedly as they scamper through the undergrowth. The raccoon and squirrel are so cute, but the wee hedgehog has won your heart. You hear a twig snap and the sound distracts you. You turn towards it just in time to witness an ungainly fawn stumble into the clearing. You pause, holding your breath so you don’t scare it away. Suddenly, you hear a low growl and gasp at the sight of a large bear. The animals all scatter, but you’re not sure which way to turn. 

Red Fox 16cmCosy Posable Elves (Two Styles) 76cmFawn Posable Elves (Two Styles) 40.5cm

A candy red fox darts across your path, catching your eye. Keen to escape, but reluctant to return to the cabin, you make a split second decision and opt for continuing the adventure. You quickly pursue the fox, scrambling after it across the frosty ground. Just when you fear you’ve lost it, you catch a glimpse of a red furry tail as you round a large fir tree. The fox stops with its back to you. You freeze in your tracks and take a few slow, quiet steps backward. The sound of giggling and low voices alerts you to the fact that you’ve intruded somewhere you may not be welcome. Wary, you stay hidden behind the fir. Finally, you get up the courage to peer through the branches and you can hardly believe your eyes: a group of four elves! You eavesdrop until the little red fox barks impatiently. Inhaling a collective sharp breath, the elves look towards your hiding place and vanish in flurry of snow. After such an exciting and magical morning, you decide to call it a day and head back to the cabin. You’ve finally found the right theme and feel inspired to decorate for Christmas…

Tropical Dream Collection

Tropical Dream

Closer to the equator, the colours of Christmas reflect tropical sunsets and sunny days spent at the beach. Certainly not for those who cling to Christmas’ original traditions, celebrating the holidays with bright and beautiful shades of pink, orange, purple, and green opens up a whole new world of decorating possibilities.

Paradise Flamingo Lady 160cmMae Lifesize Doll 185cm

Ever since they flew north to escape the cold Melbourne weather, besties Merle and Mae have embraced tropical living wholeheartedly. After decades of decorating the same way year in, year out, they’ve donated all their ornaments to friends and family in favour of their new holiday season aesthetic. The outfits they've chosen to wear to Christmas lunch with their bridge club most keenly reflect this stylistic transformation. Merle has given away her ugly Christmas jumpers and adopted leopard print caftans, silky trousers, bangles, beads, and strappy sandals. Mae, feeling nostalgic, has retained Christmas red and green. However, she’s thrown caution to the wind and added a few tropical touches, including cheetah print and flowing fringe. In a bold choice, Mae has decided to construct a coiffure that the bridge girls will talk about for Christmases to come. Even wearing sunglasses, Merle can’t hide her raised eyebrows when she sees Mae’s getup. Still, she can’t help but chuckle and congratulate her on the absolute spectacle that Mae has created in her snowman beehive. This will slay the bridge club girls! Both of these life-size, detailed figurines by Katherine’s Collection look like modern-day ‘Golden Girls’!

Green Bead Feather Peacock 30cmPink Feather Tail Bird 14cm

Purple Butterfly 23cmOrange Dahlia 74cm

Bring your own Tropical Dream to life – just like Merle and Mae – with these ingredients...

Birds: Both your home and tropical Tannenbaum need vibrantly coloured and fabulously feathered birds roosting everywhere. Think peacocks perched on sideboards, tall boys, and cupboards. Arrange a few jewelled birds artfully and give your Christmas tree a glittery twinkle all day and all night.

Butterflies: Every collection needs its fair share of whimsy! We strongly recommend heaps of orange and purple butterflies to beautify trees, wreaths, and floristry displays. Trust us!

Ornaments: Loud, proud, and brilliantly bold, baubles in fuchsiapink, and orange belong side by side with hot pink finial ornaments. – You’ll see.

Floristry: Evergreens bloom with new life when they have boughs full of blossoms. Orange dahliasfuchsia bougainvillea garlands, and purple poinsettias dazzle and delight. After clipping them to the branches of your tree, arrange some in vases to spread colour throughout your home.

Country Manor Collection

Country Manor

A winter Christmas ensconced within a country estate invokes visions of sumptuous comfort and bountiful feasts. Bask in old world luxury and make yourself at home in the Country Manor Collection.

Faux Fawn Fur Stocking 48cmSamba Resin Deer Head Sculpture 106cmBurgundy Gold Poinsettia 33cm

The weather outside may be frightful, but inside a fire merrily crackles in the drawing room grate. Faux fawn fur stockings hang high over the fireplace, supported by silver tree-shaped holdersPine swags dotted with cream magnoliasburgundy poinsettias, and sprays of holly run along the expansive mantle’s length. From above, a resin deer’s head sculpture keeps watch. More burgundy poinsettias – these with gold glitter detail – adorn its antlers.

Red & Green Tartan Elves (Two Styles) 45cmGnorbitt Gnome 64.5cm

Next to the fireplace, a tree covered with cool LED white lights glows. Pinecone and velvet leaf garlands weave through its branches. Spiced pinecone ornaments add notes of clove and cinnamon to the heady smell of cedar from the fire. Underneath the tree, figurines hide among piles of gifts. Two elves dressed in tartan costumes protect the parcels closest to the fire. Sure, they might get distracted from time to time or even nod off for a few seconds. (Blame the heat of the fire for that.) The elves know they would certainly spot any naughty person who might try to sneak a peek under the edges of wrapping paper or inside any gift bags. Gnorbitt the gnome isn’t so sure. In cooler shadows far from the firelight, he stands as still as a statue. Ever vigilant, he doesn’t trust the frivolous elves to do a gnome-quality job of watching over the gifts. This could be a long Christmas Eve night if these three can’t work together…

Ladelle Ashdene Tumblers (Set of 4)Spode Christmas tree Candy Dish 18cm

Refreshments await on a trolley behind the couch upon which you recline. In front of an impressive array of aperitifs and mixers, a set of four Ladelle Ashdene tumblers beg to be filled with Christmas cheer. Each one depicts a traditional Christmas scene:

  • A perfectly trimmed Christmas tree presides over a mountain of gifts.
  • Santa’s sack overflows with toys and other goodies.
  • Santa and his reindeer race across the sky on Christmas Eve.
  • Jolly St Nick himself carries a stack of presents to children on his ‘nice list’.

Next to the tumblers, a scalloped candy dish offers a mountain of tempting mince tarts. Beneath the tasty treats, the world-renowned Spode Christmas Tree illustration peeks. Pour yourself a tipple. Nibble on a tart. Snuggle into a cosy corner of the couch and wrap yourself in a plush rug. Spend the first Christmas of many at your own country manor and indulge yourself all season long.

Disney Days Collection

Disney Days

Our largest collection, Disney Days delivers the latest officially licensed collectible products along with specially chosen decorations that pair perfectly with this iconic brand.


Jim Shore Fab Five Decorating Tree 21cmJim Shore Mickey Personality Pose Figurine 12cm

Jim Shore Mickey & Minnie Sledding 11cmJim Shore Fab Five 27.5cm

If you collect Disney figurines, you already know and love the intricate rosemaling and scrollwork that denote works by master artisan Jim Shore. Thanks to his keen eye for whimsical detail, the world’s most famous mouse and his mates come to life in these stone resin pieces:

  • ‘Careful! No ‘goofing’ around now, boys.’ In this table piece, Minnie hopes the ornaments – and the tree, for that matter – will survive the fellas’ attempts at decorating.
  • Mickey loves dressing up as Santa. Whether he’s giving out candy canesdelivering presents, or showing off his new Santa suit, Mickey’s keen to show he’s worthy of becoming Santa’s apprentice.
  • ‘Whee!’ Whenever snow falls, Mickey and Minnie hop on their trusty sled and have an adventure!
  • Spending time with your chosen family always lifts everyone’s spirits. You’ll want to find a special spot to display this table piece all year round.

Mickey Delivering Presents 76cmSanta Mickey Mouse 20cm

It appears that Mickey has become Santa's apprentice after all! He had better check the list Santa give him, so he doesn’t make any mistakes. (We all remember the last time he was an apprentice and things got out of hand, right?) This large 76cm Mickey has a bag full of presents to deliver and only a few hours to complete the task. –Well, how about that! It looks like Mickey finished helping Santa with plenty of time left to hang ornaments on his Christmas tree.

Mickey Mouse Baubles (Set of 12) 5.5cmMickey Mouse Blush Baubles (Set of 12) 5.5cmSet of Bow & Glove Ornaments 2.7cm

Trim your tree the Disney way with ornaments and decorations like these:

Mickey Mouse My First Christmas Stocking 67cmMinnie Sweet Mini BackpackDumbo in Bath 10cm

Give the gift of Disney and you’ll always get a smile in return.

  • This stocking holds everything baby will need for their first Christmas.
  • All ages will appreciate the sweet treat of a Minnie-themed mini backpack or crossbody bag.
  • Dumbo looks darling in this bath time scene. What a bubbly baby elephant!

For Every Decorator

Christmas Elves Collections let you express your style and creativity – with a little help from us. Whatever your taste or needs, we have a collection for you. Stay tuned for more collections throughout the year. In the meantime, have a look at our other amazing collections. There's still time to grab yourself a special gift or add to your decorations before the big day!

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