Decorate for Easter 2023 with Tips from Our Top Stylist

White Rabbits Happy Easter Sign 25cm

Happy Easter! At Christmas Elves, our expert stylists meticulously plan and arrange the wonderful displays you see online and in both of our stores. Dreaming up amazing visual merchandising concepts that bring joy and encourage others to explore the world of holiday décor just comes naturally to them. –We’re lucky to witness the work of these talented artists!

In this blog post, we sit down with Alison, one of our sensational stylists. Alison works out of our Preston store, and you may have even seen her when she has appeared in our Instagram grid and story. (Although she’s normally the English-accented voice speaking from behind the camera in most of our video content.)

Read on to discover Alison’s top tips for ‘eggcellent’ 2023 Easter decorating and Eastertime styling trends you’ll want to sample this season.

We love all the small ‘vignettes’ we see you creating on Instagram! What are your top tips for creating them?

Thank you! They’re so fun to put together. Those small displays, or vignettes, are close groupings of objects which might include keepsakes, mementos, seasonal décor, and more. A vignette can change and evolve constantly; you simply add or subtract pieces according to your mood. Best of all, it’s easy to relocate the pieces to other rooms whenever you wish.

When redecorating would break your budget, a vignette is a more frugal option for bringing new life to a room. It’s fun to switch things up and express your creativity with small displays like these.

In terms of styling tips, here are some simple rules of thumb I keep in mind:

  • Group objects of various heights to add both variety and a sense of balance.
  • Every display needs depth, so avoid lining up the objects one after the other in a straight line. Instead, place some items in the centre of the display space, then arrange others in both the foreground and the background.
  • Choose wisely and be selective: too many objects and the display will look cluttered.
  • Use a theme to tell a story and link the items in your vignette. You could create a display around a favourite character, animal, holiday, colour, or style – there are endless themes to choose from.
  • All the colours in your creation should complement one another and suit your theme. –Don’t be intimidated by this. Your eye will tell you when you have the right colours balanced.
  • Combine different textures within the display to delight the senses. For example, lay some artificial moss on a small tray. Then, arrange a couple of porcelain figurines in a scene atop the moss. Finally, place some floristry around the tray. You might cover this with a glass cloche to keep it safe and secure from little fingers.

Speaking of cloches, we've noticed several in-store displays use them. What is the best way to use a cloche?

Using a cloche is like putting a spotlight on your favourite Easter pieces. As a collector, you might have delicate pieces that you need to shield from the environment or inquisitive hands. Cloches do the job very well.

More top tips on using a cloche:

  • Position cloches at the centre of a vignette.
  • Two cloches of differing heights grouped together also looks lovely.
  • Fill a cloche with chocolate Easter eggs and it looks great on the kitchen bench – though it may be too tempting for those with a sweet tooth to ignore!
  • A single cloche housing a solitary piece on a side table instantly conveys meaning and indicates that something has a significant value, be it emotional or otherwise.
  • If you’re hosting a large family lunch or dinner this Easter, try setting up several cloches along the table instead of using a single centrepiece. That way, everyone gets to feast their eyes on something charming as they fill their tummies with delicious food.

Mrs Rabbit, Flopsy & Peter Figurine 7cmPeter Rabbit Easter Basket PlayletPeter Rabbit Cupcake Kit Set of 24

When it comes to Easter parties and egg hunts for kids, what would you suggest to parents who might want to try something a little different from the traditional ‘Easter Bunny’ theme?

For younger children, you can’t go wrong with Beatrix Potter’s mischievous and brave hero, Peter Rabbit. At Christmas Elves we have a great range of Peter Rabbit tableware, including a cupcake kit, party bags, cake toppers, and paper plates. It’s a delight to create the world of Peter Rabbit. Place a hessian or linen tablecloth on a table first. Next, set each place with a placemat. I like rustic wicker, burlap, or linen. Then, add accessories, such as soft Peter Rabbit toys, figurines, and pastel eggs. Fill a couple of party bags with chocolates, sweets, or healthy alternatives and place one at each setting. Make sure every bag is the same so no one will feel left out or squabble. –If you’re catering to different dietary restrictions, indicate which child should sit where with name cards. Finally, gather hydrangeas in blue and pink, along with white roses. Arrange these in a sturdy vase with a heavy base and place it at the centre of the table where children cannot reach it.

Moss Balls 15cmChicks in the Mushroom Meadow 20cmMoss Eggs Pack of 3 15cm

Always a favourite, ‘fairyland’ table settings delight young and old, and we have all the ingredients to create a magical wonderland. Start with a green or pink mesh table runner. Scatter a few moss balls and group together mossy rocks and eggs to create the feel of a forest floor along the centre of the table. Cluster mushrooms and floristry around the mossy decorations. Brightly coloured magnolias, toadstools, and mushrooms in white and brown should do the trick. Complete the picture of a fairyland forest with beautiful butterflies. For a charmingly quirky touch, set the table with vintage teapots, and mismatched teacups and crockery and use wooden coasters.

Peaches & Cream Glass Melt Egg 12cmPink & Green Glass Melt Egg 12cmPurple Glass Melt Egg 12cm

What’s the one must have decoration for Easter this year?

An Easter tree, of course! Everyone can fashion their own from a fallen branch they might find in the garden, but I really appreciate the convenience of our white pre-lit birch trees this time of year. They come in three sizes: 60cm, 120cm, and 180cm. When you’re ready to decorate your tree, hang Easter-themed ornaments like these egg-shaped glass melt ornaments. They come in purple, peaches and cream, and a pink and green combo. Intersperse your ornaments with brightly coloured clip-on birds, floristry, or a bit of both. Easter-themed carrot and egg garlands look gorgeous woven throughout the ornaments, as does pastel ribbon.

These birch trees are so versatile. Once you have one, you’ll want to keep it up all year round. –And you can! Decorate them for holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween, or choose other themes like springtime, summertime, or ‘anytime’. (Please try a Halloween tree this year – you won’t regret it!)

Time to Nibble the Carrots Sign 20cm

What are your favourite styling trends for Easter 2023?

Larger Easter speciality trees have become increasingly popular just like their Christmas cousins. To create your own, I recommend selecting a tree no taller than 7ft. Preferably a white tree if you can find one. Brightly coloured Easter decorations really ‘pop’ in contrast to the white foliage. Choose vibrant carrots in various shades of orange and then include green mossy eggs, balls, and even bunnies. This year, I’ve added a few of these cute signs, as well as more figurines, carrot picks, dropssprays, and finally, white ornaments. Trees like these are a real labour of love. They take time to plan and decorate, which makes them all the more beautiful to behold.

Peaches & Cream Paper Egg Wreath 42cmPaster Egg Wreath 35cmApricot Floral Wreath 26cm

If you’d prefer something smaller, try an Easter wreath. Hang them near the door of your home to convey a sense of welcome or lay them flat to turn them into table decorations. You can even create a vignette with a figurine or candle on a heatproof plate in the wreath’s centre. Our peaches and cream paper egg wreath, pastel egg wreath, and apricot floral wreath beautify any room.

Making your own wreath can be a fun way to get crafty and express your creativity. Simply use a green or white Christmas wreath, choose a theme and colour scheme, then fasten floristry all around the wreath. Afterward, attach chicks, bunnies, eggs, carrots, and any other Easter symbols. You’ll need your imagination, a little patience, and a bit of floristry wire to fortify your artistic endeavour and hold it all together.

Another trend that caught my eye recently involves a sort of ‘upcycling’. Basically, you arrange unexpected items such as watering cans, gumboots, chairs, kettles, and sturdy ceramic or metal planters in an outdoor vignette. Then, fill them with floristry, figurines, plastic eggs, etc. Lighter versions of these displays can be hung on front doors, gates, and fences. Larger or heavier displays should be set up on the veranda. I can’t see anything preventing you from placing vignettes like these indoors, too. If you have a corner that you’re not sure how to decorate, give it a try. I’d love to see the results.

Speaking of which, we adore seeing everyone’s Easter decorating. When you post photos on Instagram, please tag either @christmas_elves_ or @misshaberdashchristmas so I can be inspired by all your creativity.