​Christmas Lighting: L.E.D. vs. Incandescent Lights

While many of us have grown up with incandescent Christmas lights (the ones that have tiny glass bulbs, and are hot to the touch if they’ve been on for a while), more and more retailers of Christmas lighting are transitioning to carrying LED lighting instead of incandescent. If you’re apprehensive about making the switch to LED Christmas lights, we’ve put together a comparison for you. Take a look and decide for yourself if it’s time to switch to LED’s.

  • Uses less Electricity
  • Bulbs rarely burn out
  • Emit a brighter light
  • Provide purer colours
  • Larger variety of colors and string sizes
  • Available in ‘vintage’ colours, to replicate the look of incandescent lights
  • Doesn’t heat up, therefore is less of a fire hazard
  • Higher electricity usage
  • Costs more over the lifetime of the lights due to having to replace bulbs/uses more energy
  • Bulbs frequently burn out and are getting harder and harder to replace
  • Colours tend to be slightly off/yellowed
  • Light given off is dimmer

Ultimately, the cost of purchasing a set of L.E.D. lights is more expensive than purchasing a set of incandescent lights, but the cost to operate incandescent lights is significantly higher. To demonstrate the difference in the cost, we’ve plugged in a set of 400 LED. lights to a socket which measures power usage, and then plugged a set of 20 incandescent lights into the same socket.

At the Christmas Elves the majority of our lighting is LED in order to provide the best and most efficient lighting possible to our customers. You can check out our range of L.E.D. lighting at