Check Out Lemax's Spectacular 2023 Collection!

Christmas has arrived early for legions of adoring Lemax fans. The highly-anticipated 2023 Christmas and Halloween Spooky Town collections will arrive soon. Boasting more than 60 new lighted buildings, 35 table accents, nine new ‘Sights & Sounds’ collectible centrepieces, and the first ever Spooky Town façade, we think there’s lots to get excited about. 

Join us as we take a closer look at some of our favourite new pieces, including the Lemax Collectors Pack IX 2023

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Lemax Christmas Collection — Lemax Halloween Spooky Town Collection

Lemax’s 2023 Collectors Pack whisks you away to a cosy village nestled in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Take a stroll with us through this merry hamlet.

This year’s 20-piece pack includes:

2 Lighted Buildings

6 Figurines

9 Accessories

2 LED ‘Moonlander’ Bulbs for the Lighted Buildings

1 3-Pin LV Adaptor to power buildings and streetlamps

Both buildings in this year’s pack come from Lemax’s Caddington Village range, designed to evoke nostalgia and ‘bring to life memories of holidays past’. Head over to Spruce Hills Tree Farm at the northern end of the village to find the perfect Christmas tree. Customers can choose to either cut down their tree themselves or shop from a selection of pre-cut trees wrapped in burlap. As we consider our decision, let’s grab a cuppa and a snack. A frosty day like today calls for hot cocoa! Besides selling trees, Spruce Hills caters to all your evergreen holiday needs. According to the sign on the left side of the building, they also sell wreaths and garland. At its highest point, this porcelain structure rises to 16cm. Some snow still remains on its corrugated, barnlike roof, so avoid standing directly underneath it! Light spills out from both the Dutch door left ajar and the refreshment stand manned by Mr Hill himself.

On the south side of the village green, The Secret Santa Christmas Shoppe stocks gifts from local artisans. From a height of 18.5cm, a series of steeply gabled roofs lead the eye downwards to softly glowing windows and a snowy eave trimmed with evergreen garland. The red shutters, bows and holly berries contrast beautifully with the green shingled roof. Generous light pours through the many-paned shopfront window, revealing a trimmed tree and a fine assortment of gifts. What are waiting for? – Let’s get out of the cold and have a look at all the goodies inside!

This year’s endearing figurines transform your village into a community filled with heartwarming stories. It’s Christmas Eve and the Postman has one last lot of packages and post to deliver. As he loads up his bike, the Christmas Harmony Carollers serenade shoppers with traditional Christmas standards. Santa has arrived early to pick up special surprises for Mrs Claus and the elves at The Secret Santa Shoppe.

Accessories add eye-catching shapes and textures to a village display. We purchased a pre-cut Christmas tree from Spruce Hills and have trimmed it with decorations bought right here in the village. These streetlamps dotted around the square resemble antique gas lanterns. They can be powered with three AA batteries each or plugged into the included adaptor. Scatter the 10cm flocked bristle trees around to create a tiny tree farm or place them at corners to create mini nature strips.

Mrs Claus now owns a booming business all her own! Her teahouse, Tea with Mrs Claus, brews all the elves’ favourite blends, including Christmas morning, apple cinnamon spice, and a special holiday blend with the aroma of plum pudding. Along with colourful lights and merry tunes, this 35cm tall Sights & Sounds piece delivers spinning teapots, bustling waitstaff, a revolving lazy susan of teatime treats, and a cheerily puffing chimney.

For the lightest, most delicious muffins you’ll ever find, visit Miss Milly’s Muffin Mill. Another Sights & Sounds collectible, this 28cm tall muffin bakery features a rotating windmill and three animated conveyer belts that show the mixing, baking, and selling of banana, blueberry, cinnamon, and chocolate muffins. Grab a single or a dozen of your favourite flavour at the takeaway counter or direct from the baker.

We also love donuts, so let’s stop by Danny’s Donuts and Coffee. This 20cm porcelain lighted building’s delectable donut decorated façade gives visitors very mouth-watering, Instagram-worthy moments. Peer over the peckish pooch to see all the scrumptious fresh donuts. This morning, Danny himself is working the ‘Grab and Go!’ window. So busy making coffees and boxing up dozens of donuts, he hasn’t had time to properly store his latest shipment of milk, eggs, and flour.

Elves make the most magical toys because the best in the business teach them the tricks of the trade at the world’s finest Toy Making School. Just a block away from Santa’s Workshop, this chateau-inspired 22cm resin building boasts light blue pennants, a turret, a chimney, and a bell tower guarded by a toy soldier. At the front entrance, another toy soldier and a pair of teddy bears welcome eager elves to days full of fun and engaging classes like ‘Wooden Train Carving’ and more.

A cup of hot chocolate soothes the soul and warms the heart, so what better theme for a spa. Crafted from durable polyresin, Hot Chocolate Spa (16.5cm tall) comes from the Santa’s Wonderland range. Heavenly hot cocoa brewed in an alpine-themed house with a curvy roofline flows into two ‘mug tubs’. Weary elves climb marshmallow steps and scale an elf-sized ladder to soak their tired muscles in a chocolate bath. While the elves enjoy their spa treatments, their reindeer and polar bear cub friends sample the best hot chocolate in the North Pole.

The school year has begun in the land of Sugar ‘N Spice, and Pat-A-Cake Primary is welcoming its newest batch of students this very morning. Gingerbread children love learning their lessons in this 21cm gingerbread school consisting of candy cane columns and ridges, gumdrop finials, sweet icing eaves, and a bell tower topped with fluffy whipped cream and a cherry. Principal Mrs Baker greets her students with a happy wave on this special day.

Bring oodles of warmth and whimsy to your displays with this year's figurines, table pieces, and accessories. Visit Santa in the ‘holly jolly’ Christmas Van. You won’t need GPS when you rely on this set of North Pole Signs. After the kids give Santa a hug, marvel at the Reindeer Snowman the elves built on their lunch break.

But wait, there’s more! Lemax has also collaborated with the Norman Rockwell Museum to release officially licensed replicas of the seven buildings in the renowned American artist’s beloved 1967 painting ‘Home for Christmas’ – a first for any miniature village brand. Wander down the high street of a typical American town in New England and lose yourself in all the fine details in each piece.

We're going howling mad for the first ever Spooky town façade! Both the dearly departed and the nearly departed would kill to rest in peace at Raven Hill. Picture yourself clawing your way out of your deconsecrated churchyard grave at sunset and enjoying a short shamble down the hill to the conveniently located shopping strip at the base of the hill. Make a left and browse the fetid blooms at Withered Flowers. Pick up a bottle of your favourite poison at Notions Potions. Catch up with your goon squad for an embalming session at the Mortuary. As sunrise threatens and you wend your way home, enjoy the reverberating echo of witches cackling accompanied by the beat of leathery bat wings against the chill air. This is the ‘after-lifestyle' you've been dying for.

Feeling parched? Quench your thirst at the Headstone Mill Brewery. Potent pints poured here suit those with a hardy constitution who aren’t afraid of crocodiles. They craft a fine DPA (deathly pale ale) from radioactive barley, decayed hops, and the polluted waters of the aboveground branch of the River Styx. This Sights & Sounds centrepiece features a rotating windmill, spinning skeleton crew, and a churning waterwheel set to flashing lights and a wickedly wacky soundtrack.

Are you sure you want to know your future? –You may not like what Madame Serena sees. Most flee, screaming, halfway through the reading. That’s why Serena makes everyone pay up front! The Future Looks Dark porcelain lighted building stands 24.5cm tall, from the grimy footpath below to the witchy weathervane atop its Victorian-style turret. Signs resembling protective charms dangle from the upper storeys to deter the spirits of unsatisfied customers. Madame Serena herself glares at passers-by as her black cat familiar guards the front door.

The Haunted Aquarium displays horrors and mysteries from the depths of the sea. At the price of one’s soul, the tickets are rather dear, so think carefully before entering. Built around the skeleton of an ancient leviathan washed ashore, this 22cm tall lighted building features an outdoor tentacle tank to tempt tourists and trick them into visiting the new ‘Underwater & Undead’ exhibit. A gargantuan zombie sea dog climbs up the right side of the building, ready to snatch customers off the street on slower trading days.

Riotous parties erupt every night in spooky town, but the event that everyone wants to attend is the Halloween Festival. – And tonight’s the night! A Roaring Roadster full of ghouls screams down the street, careens around a corner and nearly mows down a zombie couple. Shocked at what they’ve witnessed, these Pumpkin Snowmen know better than to dob in the culprits.

Wanda snickers as the roadster races past her cottage. Her sisters start to scold her, but Wanda silences them with a glare and a curse. However this time the joke's on Wanda! Her sisters have decided to put Wanda to rest in the garden and substitute this much friendlier Pumpkin Witch in her place. 

Next door, these spectres cannot understand why all their housemates last only a few days. After all, this Ghost Cottage is just a little bit haunted.

Feel like celebrating Halloween and Christmas a little early? –Us, too! We estimate that Lemax’s 2023 collection will be arriving in store come August. Follow us on Instagram @christmas_elves_@witchesofhalloween for updates and more products from Lemax’s 2023 holiday villages.