Connectable Ready Christmas Lighting


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Exciting news! We have increased the range of "Connectable Ready" Christmas Lights.

Did you know that every set of "Connectable Ready" lights can GO SOLAR just by adding a solar panel to your purchase?

This means they are connectable between the following:

and now we have ...

  • Solar Panel now available to convert your electrical light set to a Solar LED light set.
  • If using our solar panel the maximum lights is 600 LED Lights connected via the end to end connectors.
  • Battery packs now available to convert your electrical light set to a Battery Operated light set
  • If using the battery pack the maximum connectable lights is 500 LED lights connected via the end to end connectors.


  • Your 100, 300 and 400 piece light set, can be extended using any of the Christmas Elves CONNECTABLE READY range of products.
  • You can connect NEW Acrylic Figurines, Snowflake Garland, Ropelights, Net Lights & Window Laser Motifs
  • Each set can be extended up to a maximum of 1200 LED lights with power adapter, connected via its end to end connectors.
  • Ensure the final end cap is connected, only remove to add an additional lighting set.
  • Each light set contains an electrical adaptor/controller or battery pack.
  • This light set includes a memory feature, to remember the chasing mode previously selected.
  • Press the button on the power adapter to cycle through 8 different modes until the desired chasing mode is activated.
  • The next time your lights are powered on, it will return to the previously selected mode.


  • Never directly connect light set to mains: always use the adaptor supplied.
  • The light set must be fully uncoiled when in use.
  • Do not operate the lights while still in the original packaging.
  • To avoid over heating, do not place adapter in a confined space.
  • Do not allow wires to become trapped. Damaged wire insulation could cause a short circuit and damage the adaptor.
  • As a safety precaution, always unplug your light set after use (the memory function will remember your last setting).
  • Solar panels are available to convert light sets to a solar LED light set.
  • Battery packs are available to convert light sets to a battery LED light set (4 x AA batteries or 1 x 9V battery required)