Simple tips for decorating your Christmas Tree

For many of us decorating the Christmas tree is a family tradition and signals the beginning of Christmas festivities.

But, not everyone is an expert so if you’re a first time decorator or looking to learn new techniques read on for our helpful hints.

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If your tree is box fresh it should be simple. Set up your tree base then layout your tree branches. Individual branches are clearly marked with a colour or letter. This corresponds with the colour/letter on your tree pole. Take time to fluff each individual branch and the tree will appear denser.


A tree without lights is just not right, but how many do you need? The industry standard says 100 lights to 1ft of tree but, there are no hard or fast rules. For example, a slimline tree will require less. If you misjudge the amount of lights you need connectable lighting can be a lifesaver. Traditionally, fairy (string) lights are the most popular choice for a Christmas tree and give a wonderful sparkle. Colour choice is an important consideration. If you’re a traditionalist warm white has a mellow tone that works well with a variety of colours. Cool white is fresh and bright and perfect for a winter wonderland theme.

OK, now to the tricky bit of adding lights to your tree. Remember to test them first. Leave the plug at the base of your tree close to the power source and extend the lead wire along the pole until you reach the top of the tree. Now you can begin to wind your lights around the tree working in and out of each branch until you reach the bottom.


You’ve set up the tree and added the lights. Now the fun part it’s time to decorate.

Decorating is all about personality. Do you want your tree to reflect your home décor or is the tree for all the family especially the kids? Many of you will have an established collection of ornaments that you cherish and want to display every year.

silver sage christmas tree

 Whatever your style if you follow these simple rules your tree will look beautiful.

  • Add your Christmas Lights first, turn them on, and start from the bottom
  • Begin with larger decorations and distribute them evenly around the tree. Push them into  the tree to give the illusion of depth.
  • I add handmade bows these are a great space filler and soften the overall look.
  • Baubles are always popular, a mix of matt and shiny clustered together has more impact.
  • Add small decorations and personal items.
  • For the finishing touch a tree topper completes the look. Traditional toppers like angels and stars are always popular but for a final flourish a glitter spray can also look fantastic.
  • A tree skirt will cover any unsightly cables and disguise the tree base.


This article was written by Miss Haberdash Christmas.

The Christmas Trees are decorated using RAZ Imports Christmas range.