Introducing the Christmas Elves!

Our talented elves have come from far and wide to help you create your perfect Christmas. Handpicked for their unique skills, they have the knowledge, expertise, and festive spirit that makes Christmas Elves the best Christmas shop in Melbourne and Australia!


Designer Elf

Putting together decorations, picking out ornaments, and tying it all up with a bow, Designer Elf loves to spend her days creating festive decor for you to enjoy! Be a proud Designer Elf and buy your Christmas badge here.

Introducing our Designer Elf 

Forest Elf

Hiding amongst the trees is our Forest Elf, our resident trees and floristry expert. As a spirited nature enthusiast, he loves to help everyone choose their perfect Christmas tree and create beautiful wreaths and garlands! Be a proud Forest Elf and buy your Christmas badge here.

Introducing the Forest Elf

Entertainer Elf

Entertainer Elf is dedicated to perfecting the Christmas party, whether it's for your office or for your home, Entertainer Elf can help you pick out the perfect table settings, costumes, and anything else you may need to host that festive get-together! Be a proud Entertainer Elf and buy your Christmas badge here.


Light-Up Elf

From trees, to homes, and even his fellow elves, Light-Up Elf wants to illuminate everything! Utilise his expertise to bring beautiful holiday lighting in to your home. Be a proud LightUp Elf and buy your Christmas badge here.


Light-Up Elf

The search for our 5th Christmas Elf is over.

Introducing Goodwill Elf, Goodwill loves sharing and trying to help everyone make Christmas a memorable one. Be a proud Goodwill Elf and buy your Christmas badge here.


Help us name our 5th Christmas Elf