Featured - Tom Smith Christmas Crackers

"Official suppliers to the Royal Household, Tom Smith is the Home of Christmas. The first ever Christmas crackers were created by Tom Smith in 1847, and have since become a Christmas tradition for families worldwide.Tom Smith

Tom Smith Christmas Crackers

Start your Christmas Dinner with a "Bang"

For 150 years,Christmas crackers have been a traditional part of Christmas festivities;
Tom Smith’s wonderful creativity and hard work resulted in the invention of the Christmas cracker in 1847.
Tom Smith is still the official supplier of Christmas crackers to the Royal Household and International Greetings are extremely honoured and proud to design the handmade bespoke crackers that are selected by the Royal Household every year.

Create your own regal lunch this Christmas with our hand made and beautifully decorated crackers, perfect for adding some elegance, fun and interaction between friends and family.
The Tom Smith Christmas cracker range includes deluxe, luxury, family and children's ranges each carefully considered in their design and content. Whether your cracker contains a magic fish, set of cuff links or a 3 piece screw driver set, along with a hat and joke everyone around the dinner table will be in for a royal treat!