Featured - Katherines Collection a Christmas love story

Katherines Christmas Collection is a true love story.

Katherine’s Collection is a name synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and originality and each year we can’t wait to reveal their new collection. 

This year Katherine’s Collection celebrates 28 years in the business of holiday decor and continues to surprise and delight with a range of unique decorative themes.

The Christmas Elves team have met the Katherines team on a number of times. The first was on our buying trip to Christmas World in Germany and then recently in January at the Atlanta Christmas Fair in the US. We were given a personal tour of each collection, showcasing the artistry and attention to detail each product receives.

It takes a team of skilled artisans from sculptors to fashion designers, to produce tabletop pieces, decorative hanging ornaments and original character dolls. Each Katherine’s Collection piece is finished to an exceptional standard and uses quality embellishments such as jewels and haberdashery trimmings. 

At Christmas Elves many of our most popular themes have featured Katherines Collection products and this year we look forward to showcasing the life size character dolls from their ‘Christmas Wishes’ collection. Each large doll is resplendent in red and green velvet with tartan trim.

Other equally impressive tabletop pieces are the Art Deco Ladies with Vase and Art Deco Tray. Both pieces reference the 1930s style and are beautifully detailed as you’d expect of a classic vintage piece.

If you are a discerning Christmas collector who values pieces with a timeless quality Katherine’s Collection will be a familiar name. Contact the Christmas Elves stores for arrival times or watch our Katherines Collection Christmas brands folder for updates.