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How can I adopt a Scout Elf or Elf Pets®?

Scout Elves and Elf Pets® come from special adoption centres that Santa has approved in order to make sure that every Scout Elf receives a good home. Much like you would adopt a pet, the Elf on the Shelf® and Elf Pets® can be adopted, too. Christmas Elves have designed special Elf Adoption Certificates.

What is The Elf on the Shelf®: A Christmas Tradition?

Santa’s Scout Elves help him manage his naughty and nice lists. During the Christmas season, the elves are adopted by families and fly back to the North Pole every night to tell Santa about the day’s adventures. When the elves return from their nightly North Pole journey, they hide in a new spot and wait for their families to find them! This box set includes a hardbound children’s book and one of Santa’s special Scout Elves.

How is The Elf on the Shelf® different from other elves?

There are many elves are the North Pole, but only one official Scout Elf approved by Santa: The Elf on the Shelf®. You can spot these special elves by their solid red jumpsuit, pointy hat with a white trim, and white gloves. As Santa’s official elves, Scout Elves are the only ones who can interact with families and report back to the North Pole each night, and as such have undergone rigorous training and compliance standards. By nature, these family-friendly Scout Elves are kind, caring, creative, adventurous, and never naughty! Each official Scout Elf comes with a hardbound storybook and a keepsake box.

What are Elf Pets®?

The Elf on the Shelf Elf Pets® are special North Pole animals you can adopt and love. Sent straight from Santa, each Elf Pets® Reindeer and Elf Pets® Saint Bernard come with a special storybook and an official adoption certificate, but most importantly each pet needs children to help them complete their unique mission for Santa Claus.

What is Elf Pets®: A Reindeer Tradition?

This official Elf Pets® tradition comes with one of Santa’s magical reindeer and a hardbound storybook. In the magical tale, more Christmas spirit is needed to make Santa’s sleigh soar, so Santa asks for help from his Elf Pets® Reindeer and children who truly believe in the magic of Christmas! By adopting one of these special pets, families can help build the faith, hope and love Santa needs to deliver presents on Christmas Eve!

What is Elf Pets®: A Saint Bernard Tradition?

This official Elf Pets® tradition comes with one of Santa’s magical Saint Bernard pups and a hardbound storybook. The playful, yet heartfelt story centres around Saint Bernard pups who are sent to families around the world for adoption, with the goal of helping Santa build Christmas magic at the North Pole. Elf Pets: A Saint Bernard Tradition is a heartwarming tale designed to encourage children to engage in acts of kindness to increase the holiday cheer Santa needs to complete Yuletide missions.

Can Elf Pets Stay after Christmas?

Your Elf Pets® Saint Bernard can stay with you all year to play and generate Christmas cheer! However like the Scout Elves, the Elf Pets® Reindeer must go with Santa on Christmas Eve to help him fly his sleigh.

Scout Elf Questions

When does my Scout Elf arrive?

Your Scout Elf can arrive anytime during the holidays, but typically he or she will arrive at the beginning of your family’s holiday celebrations and return to the North Pole with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Santa sends most of his Scout Elves during Scout Elf Return Week, which runs from November 23 to December 1.

How does my Scout Elf receive a name?

Read The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with your family after you adopt a Scout Elf, then you can choose a name for him or her—that’s how the elf will receive the Christmas magic he or she needs to fly to the North Pole to report to Santa every night! You can name your Scout Elf anything you please!

What should I do if my Scout Elf is touched by mistake?

Christmas magic is very fragile, and if Scout Elves are touched they may lose their magic. Here are a few suggestions to help your elf get their magic back.

  1. Write a note to your elf or Santa apologising for touching your elf. This is the most effective way to help revive your Scout Elf.
  2. Sprinkle a little cinnamon next to your elf! Cinnamon is like vitamins for your elf. It will help them get back to the North Pole where the elf doctors can check them out!
  3. Elves love Christmas carols! Try singing one with your family.

What if my Scout Elf hasn’t moved?

Don’t worry. Sometimes your elf will have a favourite spot they like to return to day after day, just like you might have a favourite chair or a spot on the couch. If the elf hasn’t moved, they are probably just returning to one of their favourite spots!

Why doesn’t my Scout Elf stay with me all year?

The Scout Elves must return to the North Pole to help Santa and Mrs. Claus get ready for Christmas next year. Santa needs all the help he can get! Scout Elves also use the time to share stories, complete flight training and more!

What does my Scout Elf tell Santa?

Your Scout Elf tells Santa all sorts of things—mostly about the kind and helpful things you and your family do every day!

Why does my Scout Elf go to the North Pole every night?

Scout Elves go to the North Pole each and every night during the holiday season so they won’t forget a single detail from the day to tell Santa. This helps Santa and your Scout Elf keep the most up-to-date record of what you and your family have been up to!

Letters To Santa Questions

What happens if you write on the front and back of Santa’s Special Paper?

You can write on both sides of the paper; however, the front side has a festive design which will make your letter to Santa even more magical!

My child can't fit their entire list on the paper. Do you sell larger sheets?

Santa’s Special Paper™ only comes in one size, but rest assured that if your child’s writing is legible on the sheet, Santa will be able to read the letter once it has shrunken down to elf size!

Do you have to leave room around the edges of the paper?

No, you can write on any part of Santa’s Special Paper, and it will be visible after the letter is shrunken.

What size font do you have to write in for it to be legible?

As long as you are able to fit your writing on Santa’s Special Paper™, and it is legible, Santa will be able to read it even after your letter has been shrunken to elf size.

Can I write on the shrunken letters?

Yes, although you will not be able to see the shrinking effect since the letter has already been baked.

Can I use other markers on the paper? What about pens, pencils or crayons?

Other markers may be used, but may not produce the desired results. It is not recommended to use crayons, pens or pencils on Santa’s Special Paper.

Are the markers that come with the kit permanent?

The markers are a water-based formula and can be washed from skin and most clothing. We recommend washing any clothing that has come into contact with the markers promptly and by following the clothing manufacturer’s directions. Please keep markers away from materials that cannot be laundered, i.e. walls, carpeting, etc.

What if you make a mistake? Can you erase or use correction fluid?

Prior to baking your ornament, you can take a damp cloth and gently wipe away the markings made with the provided markers.

How many times can you reuse the parchment paper?

As long as the parchment paper remains clean and undamaged, you can continue to use it.

Can you buy your own parchment paper to use if the ones provided become dirty or damaged?

Yes, you can replace the parchment paper with your own.

What happens if my parchment paper is folded/creased?

It is important to make sure both sheets of parchment paper are always flat and undamaged, otherwise any inconsistencies could transfer to your ornament when baking. If the parchment paper that came with your kit becomes damaged, you may use a store-bought parchment paper as a substitute.

Are there any fumes that are given off when the paper bakes?

All project materials have passed all applicable toy safety compliance standards. Additionally, Mrs. Claus’ Magic Press is made of food grade silicone.

Can I use a toaster or microwave?

It is not recommended to use of a toaster oven or microwave, and only recommends use of an oven with adult supervision. It’s important to follow the instructions provided in Scout Elf Express Delivers Letters to Santa.

What happens if we accidentally leave it in the oven too long?

If the letter is left in the oven past the recommended time length, it will have completed the shrinking process and could potentially tarnish. It’s important to follow the instructions for optimal results, and never leave the letter unattended while it is shrinking in the oven.

How long will the keepsake ornaments last? Are they breakable?

These ornaments are very durable; however, water or moisture can cause damage, so contact with either should be avoided. Ornaments should be stored and handled with care just as a Christmas ornament would be.

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