Decorating for Halloween with quality brands and lighting

Today Halloween is a popular secular celebration that encourages us to feel a little bit spooked! We can dress in costume, decorate the house with pumpkins and cobwebs or watch a scary movie, it’s fun for all ages.

Back in Celtic times Halloween was a pagan festival and all our traditions derive from these origins. Making a mask, or carving a pumpkin is a custom that goes back hundreds of years.

Today, Halloween is now a popular event worth celebrating. We have a dedicated website where you can purchase your products for Halloween.

We also stock Katherine’s Collection where they take Halloween decorating to the next level. With tableaux that feature headless mannequins bejewelled with diamantés and tattered lace it’s very Victoriana. Witches, ghouls and ghosts add a spooky glamour to the show. Our Ferntree Gully store has these amazing pieces on display all year round.

Our most recent addition is Bethany Lowe Halloween high-end collection of artist-made, original folk art Christmas and Halloween figures coveted by celebrities and collectors alike; and her “build a tradition” collection of vintage-inspired holiday goods which are more accessible to broader audiences.

This year we are especially interested in how lighting can transform your Halloween space. Flickering lamplight, chandeliers covered with cobwebs or net lights can create a ghoulish look that will enhance your products and impress your visitors.

We look forward to inspiring your Halloween party and scaring you just a little bit!