Unwrap Christmas Fun with 12 Free Elf Printables for Kids

Elf Printables: 12 Free Gifts for Kids

The Elf Printable range gives families twelve free gifts for kids at Christmas. Available online and in our stores, these screen-free activities help you make memorable Christmas moments the 'new old fashioned way'. Unwrapping Christmas fun comes naturally with the Elf Printables range.

Elf Printables North Pole Colouring-In Page

Colouring-In Page

Greetings all the way from the North Pole! In this colouring-in page, Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, and Kylie, the first Australian elf in Santa’s workshop, send Christmas wishes to all of us Downunder. On a beautiful arctic December day, Mrs Claus decides to bring Santa a special gingerbread treat to sustain him until dinner. (After all, he’s been working so hard!) From a tray fresh out of the oven, she selects a single biscuit and places it carefully on a plate. She takes a deep breath and savours the aroma of cloves, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger. 

Mrs Claus puts on her coat, picks up the plate, and steps out of the comforting warmth of her kitchen to find her husband. Her glasses quickly fog in the cold air. She thinks it smells like more snow is about to fall, so she quickens her step toward the Workshop. She soon spots Santa in the distance. He’s chatting with Kylie as Designer Elf sets up a camera on a tripod, and Light Up Elf makes sure that nobody wanders into their hastily improvised set by accident.

To make sure Santa gets to eat the biscuit while it's warm, Mrs Claus hustles past decorated evergreens and gigantic candy canes that grow among the snow drifts. When she arrives, Designer Elf asks he's to join Santa and Kylie for this special photo for Christmas Elves in Melbourne. Everyone gets into position as the first flurries of snowflakes begin to fall. Suddenly, the gingerbread man hops up and starts dancing a jig! –That’s the magic of Christmas for you! After a few giggles, they all smile for the camera and Designer Elf takes the perfect photograph.

Elf Printables Bookmark Range


Do you love to read? –We sure do! Every year, books always make it onto our Christmas lists. Now, your favourite Christmas Elves characters can join you whenever you want to get lost in a good book. You’ll never lose your place when you use our Elf Printable bookmarks. (These make for excellent stocking stuffers, too!)

The characters on these five colourful bookmarks (5.5cm wide by 15cm long) have their favourite literary genres:

  • Santa Claus loves reading books full of action and adventure.
  • Mrs Claus treats herself to prizewinning novels and picture books, too.
  • Rudolph escapes into science fiction so he can travel to galaxies far, far away.
  • Designer Elf can’t get enough of mystery novels. She can always figure out ‘whodunit’ before the end.
  • Light Up Elf’s shelves are piled high with graphic novels and comic books.

Elf Printables Letter to Santa

Santa Letters

The Christmas Elves Letter to Santa prompts kids to tell Santa a little bit about themselves before asking for presents. Starting off with an honest naughty or nice assessment, the letter asks children about some of their favourite things, including their favourite colour, Aussie animal, book, and Christmas song. Next, they have a chance to think about what they most love about the holidays (besides presents, of course!) and what they’re most thankful for this year. After plenty of space to write down what they want from Santa, kids share their Christmas wish for the world. We think this is the best part!

Santa’s return letter features illustrations of both Santa Claus and Kylie, the Australian elf, with a cuddly koala. The letter begins by thanking your child for writing to Santa. Then, Santa shares his favourite things, Christmas wishes, and what he loves most about being the father of Christmas. Santa signs off with a final thank-you before promising to deliver special Christmas surprises to the reader. We hope you’ll enjoy this modern take on writing a letter to – and receiving a letter from – Santa.

Elf Printables Elf Report Card & Elf Adoption Certificate

Elf Adoption Certificate & Elf Report Card

Whether your family chooses an Elf on the Shelf, an Elf for Christmas, or one of our many Christmas Elves, you’ll want an Elf Adoption Certificate to celebrate the day they became the newest member of the family. It even has Santa’s seal of approval!

If your elf has the very important job of helping Santa keep track of naughty or nice behaviour, then you’ll need the Official Elf Report Card. Examples of typical chores with spaces to tick ‘yes’ or ‘no’, along with blanks to add your own criteria, make overall assessment easy and fun. Just imagine the hilarity that would ensue if we all received report cards from elves!

Elf Printables Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props

For instant Christmas fun, just add photo booth props! These two themed sheets set the stage for fun times and marvellous memories, whether you share them around a Christmas party or rely on them to keep everyone from dozing off after Christmas lunch.

Mrs Claus and the Sugarplum Fairy collaborated on the ‘Sweet Series’. Celebrate seasonal ‘treating’ with a gingerbread boy, gingerbread girl, slice of Victoria sponge cake, a delicious donut, two minty candy canes, a rolling pin, and two signs: ‘Stop here, Santa! We have cookies!’ and ‘Treat every day like Christmas!’

The ‘North Pole Series’ offers a generous selection of popular Christmas images. You can’t have holiday photo props without Santa’s beard and Rudolph’s nose. Naughty and nice signs are always a hoot! Transform yourself into an official Christmas Elf or a flying reindeer. And don’t forget to trim a tree and bring a present to the party all wrapped up and tied with a bow.

Put together your photo props in a few simple steps:

  1. Print them out. You can print them at home as A4 pages or arrange larger ones at a print shop. (We recommend printing out each page in A3 size for children or A2 size for adults.)
  2. Cut out each prop with safety scissors.
  3. Tape or glue a paddle pop stick, skewer, chopstick, or similar to each prop.
  4. Let the magic of Christmas take over and get a little silly!


  • If using a skewer, make sure an adult removes any pointy ends.
  • Safety first! Children under five years need adult supervision to use these props.

Merry Christmas and ‘Elf-tastic’ New Year! We hope you enjoy these little gifts from us. Remember to grab your copies of all twelve Elf Printables at our stores in Preston and Ferntree Gully or download them online here.

Guess what? –We’ve already started planning new printables, including puzzles and games, for next Christmas!

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