Featured - Lemax Christmas Village collectors

At Christmas Elves we pride ourselves on stocking the leading brands in Christmas Collectables. There is no doubt Lemax is one of the most famous and Christmas Elves is proud to be an authorised retailer of this established brand.

The joy of creating and building a collection over many years reflects the passion shown by our customers. For the keen collector anticipation builds as new products are released each year and the search begins for the perfect piece to complete a Christmas or Halloween village scene.

Wondering how to begin, well, the Lemax 2019 Collector’s Pack is an excellent starting point. Ideal for the first timer wanting to build a collection and a great Christmas gift for all the family. The Collectors Pack contains 14 pieces including The Red Bow Christmas Shoppe and Devaney’s Bakery accessorised with figurines, lampposts and Christmas trees. The set is powered by a 4.5V 3-output adaptor making unsightly power packs a thing of the past.

Once you’ve purchased your Lemax village the fun really begins. Creating an authentic setting for your pieces can be an exciting creative challenge. You tube and Pinterest are both helpful resources and can show you the tricks of the trade. You’ll be amazed by truely awe inspiring village scenes created by hobbyists and Christmas enthusiasts, just like you.

Why not become mayor of your own Christmas Village?