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Decorating with Solar Christmas Lights - icicle lights, string lights, net lights and waterfall lights

Posted by Lightup Elf on


Be sure to look out for our Connectable Ready logo!

Exciting news! We have increased the range of " Connectable Ready" Christmas Lights for 2017.

Did you know that every set of "Connectable Ready" lights can GO SOLAR just by adding a solar panel to your purchase?

This means you can connect our larger solar panel with all of the Christmas Elves connectable ready lights. 

Christmas Elves goes solar ... minimise your cables and have an environmentally friendly illuminated Christmas. Did you know when you purchase a solar panel you can connect up to 600 LED lights? 

The colours range is impressive with Warm White, Cool White, Multi Colour ... Blue / White Lights, Red / White Lights ... all suitable for indoors and outdoors. 

Our range of Connectable lights include:

  • String Lights, 
  • Icicle Lights, 
  • Cherry Ball Lights
  • Pinecone Lights, 
  • C7 Lights, 
  • Copper Wire Lights,
  • NET Lights 

Our Solar Panels are easy to install, reliable and very cost effective.There is minimal maintenance and the rechargeable battery inside the solar panel can be replaced after a couple of years.

Solar energy works by converting the suns rays into electrical energy through the use of the photo voltaic cells on the panel.When the sun is shining the solar panels converts more energy to give you a bright light.

We are the biggest supplier of Solar Christmas lights in Australia ... be sure to see our full range of Connectable Ready Lights.

Solar Panels allow us to make the most of this incredibly large renewable resource of energy. Enjoy Christmas even more by creating your own energy to power your Christmas Lights and have a festive and bright Christmas.

Merry Solar Christmas 

from your Lightup Elf!

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